Friday, February 07, 2014


Good morning, it is Friday.

While it seems that the exciting world of winning the Super Bowl (it really is not ending around here) is feeding into the exciting world of the Winter Olympics (or terrifying depending on which news you watch), our daily events just keep happening.

Next week is conference week for Lillie, and the boys have received their report cards.  The kids do amazingly well at school!  Congrats to Preston, Hansen, and Lillie!  Lillie was even the Student of the Month of January for music at her school!
Of course, getting good grades requires doing tons of homework.  At least for Preston.  Hansen and Lillie have it a bit easier this year than their big brother (three U of W classes and an AP class will do that).  Part of that homework is tons of reading, usually after school this is the view we get of Preston reading.
A half an hour later, this is Preston.  These books can put a kid right to sleep!  He always gets his work done and finds time for soccer too.  So, yay for napping on the couch.

See you tomorrow.

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Bernice said...

you have impressive kids!!!