Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Anniversary and More!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Those of us in school are on vacation!  President's week...or mid-winter break.  And believe it or not, the kids have already gone into nocturnal mode.  Preston is not home yet from soccer practice and the littles are not looking tired at all.  Maren is already asleep as she does have to work tomorrow.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  Since I have not blogged in a few days, I have a few photos to share:
First off, Yesterday was my parents 45th wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary mom and dad!  This picture was "borrowed" from Amber's FB page.  Looks like some fun partying in Texas!
Yes, Maren did make it back safely from Chicago yesterday.  But it was closer than need be.  She made it to the airport just fine, and the crew were trying to get the plane loaded and gone ASAP.  Because it was snowing!  And starting to snow hard.  The winter that many parts are experiencing is just crazy.
Once Maren got home, we all headed over to Value Village for 50% off day.  We all got a little something, check out the shoes Lillie picked out!  She says they are "just for around the house, you know!"
While Maren was gone, Lillie and her cousin Avery spent two nights in a row at Nana's house!  Yes, they took a trip to the American Girl Store.  Both of these girls have a doll or two, but it was new outfits they were after this trip.  Sounds like everyone had a great time!
Yup, The little's Superbowl Champs T-shirts finally arrived!
Wilson and Tate.  Pretty good choice for favorite players if you ask me!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Glad Maren got home okay. Nice t-shirts!