Friday, February 28, 2014

Check Out Sammy's Hair!

Good morning, it is Friday,

This has been a doozy of a couple of days around here.  For all of us.  Maybe for Preston the most.  We attended a funeral for a neighbor yesterday (Adessa's grandfather Greg, who lived in our culd-e-sac even longer than we have), our wonderful neighbors (Connor's family) of 18 years are moving today, and we learned of the worst possible news about a classmate of Preston's yesterday (that's all on this one).  And if that's not enough, this is try-out weekend for select soccer.
After yesterday's funeral we had a very nice mini-reunion of sorts.  These kids (more like adults) have not all been together for a few years, yet they spent many a day all together playing in the neighborhood (or destroying the island, as I called it) as little kids.  It was great to see all of them.
The last ping pong match.  Yup, you can see the U-haul in the background loading up.  I love that the kids pulled the ping pong table out into the island for one last game.  Today is the day that all the real moving happens.  Tomorrow we will have a new neighbor.  From what we hear, a young couple expecting their first child?  A new generation of kids for this culd-e-sac.  Never really thought I'd be the old timer...that stuff sneaks up on you quickly.
Last night soccer tryouts.  Not sure what team Preston will end up playing for.  It is kind of rough how they do it, all the teams have tryouts on the same days.  However it works out, Preston will land on his feet.  He is a great kid (young adult) and we couldn't be prouder of him!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was Lillie's turn to bring snacks to her Girl Scout's meeting.  I had a trip to the bank to make due to some fees that I don't feel like I should be paying, then it was on to pick up a tub of licorice sticks for her meeting.
While at the bank I received a text message from Lillie asking to go for "mini-cupcakes" instead.  These little St. Patrick Day cupcakes worked out perfectly!
Check this out.  Pumpkin custard.  One of my friends/co-workers tried this and thought of me:)  It is known far and wide that I am a big fan of pumpkin pie.  I will say this is pretty yummy stuff for sure.  Thanks Jeri!
An actual picture of my riding in the Chilly Hilly.  This of course is just a proof, I need to order an actual picture.  It is amazing the photographer was able to get a clear shot, I mean I was going SO FAST!  Haha.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It was hilly, and I ate chili.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Today I rode the Chilly Hilly with a couple of friends.  The Chilly Hilly has been kicking off the bicycling season in the Pacific NW for the last 42 years!  This was the 3rd time I've ridden it.  True to its name, it was chilly, and it was hilly.  Basically you take the Bainbridge ferry from Seattle to Banbridge Island, ride around the very hilly island, stop for chilly, then ride back.  This year didn't seem quite as crowded as the last couple of years, but it was still very crowded none the less.
Roger and Barry were dressed for the weather for sure.  It never got too cold, my phone put it at about 40 degrees the entire day.  Earlier in the week we were worried about snow being an issue.
I just love how the ferry looks when it is taken over by bicycles.  My bike was in the ground in the top right of this picture.  Folks just leave their bikes sprawled out and then go in the cabin for a warm relaxing ferry ride.
Barry and I in the ferry.  I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of the views.  The view of downtown Seattle from the Bainbridge ferry is one of the coolest views there is.  On the ride there were some very cool views as well.
The long steep uphills are really not my friend.  I stopped for a breather on this hill.  Still toward the beginingish of the ride, the riders had not spaced out too much just yet.  Of course, with upwards of 4000+ riders, there are always riders around.  I also stopped for a bowl of chili at about mile 15, and again at the end of the ride.
We met up at our house for the ride.  Roger has the coolest little car, and the way he transports is bike is to trailer it behind the car.  How cool is that?  Mine and Barry's bikes are still on the back of his truck in this picture.  All right, another great ride in the books.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Another Anniversary and Soccer.

Good evening, it is Friday.

Welp, our vacation is coming to an end.  Boo Hoo!  While we really have done nothing other than sleep in and hang out, we have had a nice vacation.  Before I get into my blog, we have another anniversary to celebrate.  John and Carol's 45th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary for sure!
This picture was take as I was heading up to bed last night.  The kids were having a great time playing the Wii and goofing off.  It is nice to see them all getting along.  I have no idea when they finally got to bed, probably in the 2:00 am time frame.  One thing about nocturnal kids, no worry about breakfast!  Preston and I had dentist appointments on Thursday.  My hygienist asked if the kids had homework, I cracked her up by saying, "We'll find out Sunday evening!"  And I think that is truly the case.
Today Preston's Rapids team lost in the State Cup semi-finals 1-2.  They played a good game and should be very proud of this season.  I'd say the Rapids had their best season ever!  They really are a great team.  So a break for Preston and soccer?  Nope.  Tryouts for next years teams are next week and high school soccer starts in March.  The kid loves his soccer!
While it was very cold today, we had a large crowd cheering on our soccer greats.
For the last picture of the day, a selfie Lillie took of us while driving home from somewhere.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Anniversary and More!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Those of us in school are on vacation!  President's week...or mid-winter break.  And believe it or not, the kids have already gone into nocturnal mode.  Preston is not home yet from soccer practice and the littles are not looking tired at all.  Maren is already asleep as she does have to work tomorrow.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  Since I have not blogged in a few days, I have a few photos to share:
First off, Yesterday was my parents 45th wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary mom and dad!  This picture was "borrowed" from Amber's FB page.  Looks like some fun partying in Texas!
Yes, Maren did make it back safely from Chicago yesterday.  But it was closer than need be.  She made it to the airport just fine, and the crew were trying to get the plane loaded and gone ASAP.  Because it was snowing!  And starting to snow hard.  The winter that many parts are experiencing is just crazy.
Once Maren got home, we all headed over to Value Village for 50% off day.  We all got a little something, check out the shoes Lillie picked out!  She says they are "just for around the house, you know!"
While Maren was gone, Lillie and her cousin Avery spent two nights in a row at Nana's house!  Yes, they took a trip to the American Girl Store.  Both of these girls have a doll or two, but it was new outfits they were after this trip.  Sounds like everyone had a great time!
Yup, The little's Superbowl Champs T-shirts finally arrived!
Wilson and Tate.  Pretty good choice for favorite players if you ask me!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good morning, it is Valentine's Day!  And a Friday.

Everyone woke up to nice treats at their spots at the dining room table.  Yay!  Even us adults.  This was at Maren's spot:
Preston and Hansen went shopping last night for their family and their girlfriends!  They report that Safeway may have been its most busy ever.  I believe it.  But why will we miss Maren?  She is leaving this morning for Chicago.  A long weekend attending the SB&F award!  I've gone a couple of times over the years, but this year she is on her own.

Lillie is totally ready for her Valentine's Day party at school:
 Of course, in the 5th grade the kids still make little Valentine's Day cards for everyone.  In Lillie's class they get to be as creative as they want with their boxes to house the cards.  Lillie's is very cute with dolls and everything.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Undercover Slanes

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston's friend sent him the following picture.  The story (that I heard) goes, they were just watching back episodes of Undercover Boss and paused on the kid in the Barcelona jersey because Barcelona is awesome...and it was Preston!
Do you see Preston, Maren, Lillie, and half of me in the background?  Yes!  This is a photo of a TV screen.  Four years ago at Great Wolf Lodge!  We were on Undercover Boss.  We are only around for a few minutes and only in the background, but there we are.  Season 2, episode 2.  We knew they were filming something and had to sign waivers out front, but never knew what became of it.  Four years later, SUPERSTARS!
Yesterday I got the privilege of attending Lillie's parent/teacher conference.  I say privilege because it is always great to hear a teacher give such high praise to your kiddo.  Nice job Lillie!  She got to buy a couple of books from the book fair.  She chose a couple of fun books on cooking and friends, and the above book mark.  I was cracking up because this kitty bookmark (with moving goldfish) cost the same as the three Tebow books together.  And yes, Lillie chose the book mark.  Of course, the way Denver played in the Super Bowl, I think they would have played better with Tebow being their quarterback over Peyton.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Good evening, it is Sunday.

What a crazy day.  It started snowing on and off yesterday, then in full tilt last night.  Preston finished a soccer game in the snow, then had the next two canceled!  His team is in the State Cup and has won it's first two games, so they will surely be moving into the semifinals.  As of right now the snow is melting and the temps are back up to around 40 degrees.  Other than the quick trip outside to play in the snow, we have not even left the house.  The best snow was around midnight last night, and yes, that is when Lillie, Preston, and neighbor Connor decided to go out to play.
This is a picture from Preston's soccer game in the snow.  The wind was blowing so hard that the snow wouldn't even stick.  I was freezing, but I couldn't complain, I mean...I wasn't the one playing soccer.  Preston had a great goal and a bunch of super passes/crosses.  Their team won 1-0
I wasn't going out in the middle of the night to play in the snow, so I asked Lillie to send me a picture.  This is what I got...tic-tac-toe on my van.
Speaking of games, yesterday Preston and I purchased a Scrabble game.  Today we played as a family.  I teamed with Maren as no one else wanted a partner, and I kept score.  Preston was the big winner, but everyone played great!
Lillie says, "Yay for snow!"  I say, "yay for snow melting!"  This was fun to have a weekend of being snowed in, but that enough for me.  Lillie had made plenty of trips outside to capture snow for snow-cones.

Carol and Stef just got back from a Corner Of Love mission trip to the Nicaragua area.  Both trained nurses, they went with a team of other medical folks to give medical help to the area.  I have only heard snippets from their trip, but it sounds like they had an amazing time.  Stef sent a few pictures, I'd thought you may enjoy them:

How cute is this little guy?  Nice work!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 07, 2014


Good morning, it is Friday.

While it seems that the exciting world of winning the Super Bowl (it really is not ending around here) is feeding into the exciting world of the Winter Olympics (or terrifying depending on which news you watch), our daily events just keep happening.

Next week is conference week for Lillie, and the boys have received their report cards.  The kids do amazingly well at school!  Congrats to Preston, Hansen, and Lillie!  Lillie was even the Student of the Month of January for music at her school!
Of course, getting good grades requires doing tons of homework.  At least for Preston.  Hansen and Lillie have it a bit easier this year than their big brother (three U of W classes and an AP class will do that).  Part of that homework is tons of reading, usually after school this is the view we get of Preston reading.
A half an hour later, this is Preston.  These books can put a kid right to sleep!  He always gets his work done and finds time for soccer too.  So, yay for napping on the couch.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Wow, what a day!  Today was the parade to celebrate the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Win.  Nope, I was not silly enough to go, but I did enjoy watching it on TV and seeing pictures from friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Reports are that somewhere between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people attended the parade.  More than the whole population of Seattle!  Plenty of kids were missing school for this event.  And the ones who did make it to school, got to watch some of it on TV!  I even had a little fun on Facebook posting:  About a fifth of the students at my school are out with the "bird-flu". Not a single student out with "bronc-itis". Go Seahawks!  Yes, Seattle is having fun with winning the Super Bowl!
It is my week to feed the staff room.  These were the donuts I brought in on Monday.
Today at school.  Plenty of empty seats.  Here the kids on one class are getting to watch the parade on the smartboard.
Some of the staff hung out in the Library for our lunch breaks just to watch the craziness.  Not a bad way to spend the day.
A FB friend posted this picture.  Said he was in this exact place from 7:00am until like 3:00pm. Unbelievable!
A picture from Twitter.  Scary!
Another picture from Twitter.  Unbelievable.  Yes, that is "Beast Mode" Marshawn Lynch throwing Skittles to the parade goers.

How about just a little perspective.  While I really enjoy the Seahawks, and I've really enjoyed the hype this season, can you imagine for just a second what could be accomplished if this many people could get this excited about real world problems...hmm...

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 03, 2014


Good morning, it is Monday.

Just in case you missed it, I will fill you in:


How about that game!  That was a royal whipping on the Denver Broncos.  So many funny memes going around twitter, my favorite is Peyton Manning wishing his mom would come pick him up from his little play date.  Too much!  Way to go Seattle!
We started the day by creating our lunch menu.  Not all these were ordered, but we did have a day of success in the snack department.
The view of our TV after the game.  WOW!  Even the half time show was very cool.  The commercials were pretty good too.  My favorite may have been the Doritos cardboard box time machine.  It's the future!
Here is this morning's paper.  CHAMPS!  And a front view of Maren's new haircut.  The back is even shorter, like a wedge.

This week I'm in charge of the staff room at work.  I was going to go with a Valentine's Day theme, but with this awesome win in the books, we will be sticking to Seahawks for another few days!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Superbowl Safari Champs!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I just got back from a super bowl archery tournament.  Today is the day there are lots of "Super Bowl" events.  Oh yeah, the Super Bowl is tomorrow!

This is a flyer from the event we shot in.  The weather turned out great, probably 40 degrees and no rain!
We shot with a schoolmate of Hansen's.  Here Hansen and Sydney are shooting from about 40 yards.
Yup, first place medals around.  For the kids that is.  I was far from first.  Sydney's dad shoots in the professional division and had a personal best today.  He was shooting with other professionals, so we didn't get to see that.  Although, the two shooters shown above are very impressive in their own rights.  Like her dad, Sydney is a very good shot.  If I'm not mistaken, Hansen owes her a cookie on Monday thanks to a friendly bet.
Back to the football super bowl.  This is a window at my school decorated in fine Seahawks fashion.
Friday was "hat day" at my school.  I wore Preston's Seahawks hard hat that he got several years ago from Uncle Corey.  A 6th grader wore his SpongeBob hat, and we decided to have SpongeBob wear the Seahawks hat for a quick picture.  Yes, there was some learning going on!  Speaking of Preston, today he had a soccer game and scored a "hat trick"...yup, three goals for Preston today!  Not to be left out, Lillie is at an 80's themed birthday party through tomorrow.  I think it is rollerskating and swimming for the retro kids.  And lastly, Maren got her hair cut yesterday.  It is short!  It's taken a day for it to "grow"on me, but I like it!

See you tomorrow.