Monday, January 27, 2014

Thumb Wars?

Good morning, it is Monday.

But a good Monday.  No school today and Maren comes home tonight.  The only hiccup is a dentist appointment for Hansen in a few hours, but I'm guessing that will be good too.  So, what have we been doing over the last few days?  Among other things, we've been eating very well, or very poorly, depending on how you look at it.
Saturday I took the kids shoe shopping.  Can you guess who got which?  From L to R...Hansen, Preston, Lillie, Lillie.  We do seem to go shoe shopping every six months...when Maren is out of town.  We also had a nice lunch at Taco Time.
Sunday started at church.  Carol and Stef leave on Friday to Nicaragua with the Corner Of Love Mission Team to provide medical help in the area.  Their trip was "commissioned" at church Sunday.  There they are, right in the middle of page one.
Instead of Sunday School, we had a birthday mix and mingle.  Old and young people joined the table of their birthday month.  Then there was a Pictionary type game to play.  Yes, us October birthday folks can do this type of game:)
Then out to lunch with cousins at Ihop.  Hmm, who has the cuter smile?
We had two nearby tables and slightly different arrival times, but with just a little stress, the Ihop folks got us all seated and fed very nicely.  This place is busy on a Sunday morning!
Cheese!  Then thumb wars.  Then disappearing under the table and dashing back to the other table.
Maren is not missing out on any fun on her side of the country!  Check out the lovely view from her Philadelphia hotel room.  Yeah, miserable photos of freezing city sprawl are just a ruse.
Fancy desserts, meeting authors, and talking books with other book lovers is more like it I'm sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

What, no pictures of Maren running up the stairs like Rocky? Sounds like a fun time at Ihop!