Monday, January 13, 2014


Good evening, it is Monday.

Today was a great mail day for me.  Today may be a lame blog day for you.  I had ordered a few things from e-bay last week, and they finally came.  A new seat for our exerciser bicycle.  And a few new grips for my golf clubs.
Since I like golfing more than exercising, here are my 3-wood, hybrid, and SW with new grips.  Taylormade tour velvet grips.  They went on perfectly and as of today, I like them 100%.  That is saying something, because when it comes to golf stuff, I'm overly picky.  Now to get on the golf course!  Actually Preston, his friend Malcolm, and myself went golfing Saturday before the Seahawks game.  Kind of.  It rained and winded so hard that we quit after just two holes.  Two holes!  I've never been wetter on the golf course...sheets of rain and wind so hard no umbrella dared to open.  It actually wasn't even raining when we started.  It was like the storm in the movie Caddieshack.  Well, one time I may have been wetter.  My dad caddied for me one miserable day at a golf tournament in Tumwater where walking off the golf course was not an option.  Actually, I probably wasn't wetter that day, but my dad may have been.
The exerciser.  This is a before picture.  I don't even know how this happens.  I was going to just put this bike in the garage and let it get buried by stuff, but getting a new seat seemed like the much better and cheaper route as I would have wanted a replacement exerciser.  You know, new years resolutions and all.  In truth, I'm really the only one who moves the pedals on this bike, but it is well used.  I think it is Hansen's favorite spot when watching TV.
The after picture.  This could have been a before the before picture as well, so maybe it is just a now picture.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats on the new stuff! The wettest golfers Dad and I have ever seen were the ones finishing their round at Bandon Dunes after paying hundreds of dollars for their misery- they were drenched and the wind was blowing really hard and they looked so miserable!

Robert said...

I remember that day at Tumwater. We were so wet that it was funny. It wasn't so cold, so it wasn't that bad. The wettest and coldest I've been on a golf course was one day at High Cedars, the water was running down the back of my neck, and it was ccccold. Joe Palcic and I were amazed that Bill Volginy was able to shoot a 68 in that weather.