Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthdays!

Good morning, it is Saturday!

Today we have two Happy Birthday's to celebrate.  Happy Birthday to my Maren and Happy Birthday to my Mom!  Da Da Da Da  Da Da!

Yesterday we had Maren's family party at John and Carol's house.  We all had lots of fun:
The cake!  Yes, we found a Go Hawks cake at Costco and couldn't let it pass.  The sloppy writing is mine, but it is the best because it personalizes this cake for Maren.  The 4th and 3...Punt part may just give you a hint to Maren's age.  Hmm.  It was Carol's idea...really:)
We all got to do some hanging out.  Yup, that's John in the background.
My view of this picture that Stef is taking.
What was on Stef's camera.  Nice photobombing!
 Yes, we did have a show stopping performance of "Happy Birthday" sung by "Stef and the Gang".
What kind of homework is Preston working on?  Let's all jump on him and find out!
We had a long drive to John and Carol's due to construction and car crashes.  But check this out.  We were next to this wooden Hawk's carving for a while.  If I'm not mistaken, it is the Native American Raven Dance painted in Seahawks colors.  Later Maren saw this statue in a picture on a friend's FB update.  Crazy.

Last night Preston had a soccer game at 10:05 pm!  I will say that his team played the best team I've seen in the league (other than Preston's) and after a hard fought game with some amazing plays from Preston and crew, Preston's team won 7-6!  Very cool.

Today will be more partying!  Half off at Value Village for some.  Football for everyone!  Go Hawks!  And birthday birthday birthday!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy birthday to Maren! Go Seahawks!

Susanna Powers said...

Happy Birthday to Maren & Ellen! thanks & love, susanna

Melanie Ostergard said...

happy birthday and go hawks!!!