Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today's numbers are 14 and 23.  Happy 14th birthday Hansen!  Happy 23rd anniversary Maren!  So what will we doing to celebrate today?  Hansen is requesting dinner at Red Robin.  So Red Robin it will be.  I've got a few pictures for you today.  A couple from now, one from five years ago, and one from 22.5 years ago.
Yesterday, Maren with her anniversary flowers.
Check out this oldie.  I took a picture of this picture which is hanging on our stairway, that's why there is glare.  This picture of our families is from our wedding reception in John and Carol's back yard the summer after we eloped.
Hansen just a few minutes ago as Maren and I sung Happy Birthday to him...along with coffee in bed.
I decided to add this cute picture of Hansen from five years ago.  Similarities from 5 years ago to today?  Same bunk bed, Batman sheets vs. Batman t-shirt, and coffee!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Hansen is just as cute as he was 5 years ago! But wow, our hair 22.5 years ago was.... just wow. All of us. Wow.

Happy Anniversary!

Julian Slane said...

Yeah Amber, Wow. I think you were probably Hansen's current age. And Stef is probably Preston's current age. And the craziest is...I think that Today I am the same age as dad and Carol in this picture.

Ellen said...

Wow, we sure did look different in that old picture! Happy anniversary!