Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gray 29. Yes, Seattle crushes it!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

I like to come home from work and relax for a few minutes as the kids get home from school.  And usually I flip on the TV and watch my two favorite sports talk shows, PTI and Around The Horn.  Well, just like the rest of all the media, it is all Superbowl (and some Miami Heat) all the time.  It has even spilled into the other medias, well probably because our team in in the big game.
 The Seattle Times likes to have little banners and such as cut-outs in the daily papers.  Yesterday's was a fortune teller.  Yes, the options are fair to the other team, but I can tell you from playing it several times...guess Gray 29!
 Preston is still receiving tons of mail from random colleges as it is almost time to be making such decisions.  I think he has got a favorite five or so, but who knows what the next year will bring.  Aunt Susanna, check out this university!
 Hansen spent his birthday money!  A new release for his archery (we will also be updating his arrows and sight) and a necklace.  Not just any necklace, can you science and coffee buffs figure out what he is wearing?  Yup, that is a caffeine molecule.
 This is the picture I texted to Preston today during school.  Yeah, I know, Preston probably shouldn't be texting during school, but I sent it anyway.  His awesome Seattle Sonic colored Vans have been hanging around the house, so I wore them to school.  They also happen to be my high school colors.  I can honestly say that the elementary school kids really liked these on me.
Who didn't watch the State of the Union address last night?  I know, I see a lot of hands up about now.  We watched it, and followed along on Twitter.  But that's not why I had to take this picture... just look at the ties, I'm seeing Seahawks colors!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Go Seahawks! Go Hansen! Go KR colored shoes!

Bernice said...

I'm wishing you good luck with your team tomorrow. I guess Seattle is going crazy in anticipation. I'll be rooting for the Seahawks.

Ellen said...

Go Seahawks!