Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Five Days Of Cake In A Row!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Just day two of "back to school" and I'm exhausted.  I've always said that it's not the first day back from break that's rough, it's the second.  And this rang true for me today.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be a bit smoother.  But that is just me, sounds like everyone else is happy to be back and adjusting just fine.

I have a few pictures that I never showed you from Hansen's actual birthday:
The cats have gotten to where they love to rest on little towels.  There was just a nice little towel folded on the counter in front of the cake and flowers...
Before cake, it was out to dinner.  We had a great dinner at Hansen's choice of restaurants.  Red Robin.  Really, one of the best dinners I've had there.  We got to sit in huge comfy seats and the food was great.  I only got this one shot of the crew as the worker person was telling us our table was ready and I couldn't get my camera to turn on.  I may have caused just a bit of embarrassment.  Who knows?
Make a wish!  Even with the rest of the family out of town, Hansen really wanted the biggest Costco chocolate cake for his birthday.  I was hoping he would like a small Coldstone cake or something, but he said cake every night was O.K. with him.  Yup, we have had cake every single night since the 3rd.  Just this evening the cake is finally gone, make that five days of cake in a row!
Now this is the way we get to see Hansen every day.  In his new gaming chair.  Game on.  Next birthday:  Maren!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

nobody in your house would be able to go on a diet! I'm glad everybody is doing great, love, susanna

Ellen said...

Well, Hansen knows what he likes! Cute cat picture!