Saturday, January 11, 2014


Good evening, it is Saturday.

Lillie brought this home from school the other day.  What you get to see is just the front cover of her Explorer Powerpoint Project.  She had to make a snazzy powerpoint presentation, then show it while giving an oral report too.  Every comment from the teacher is awesome.  "Great job reading tough names!"  If you could see the pages she read from, Lille took every hard name and made a phonetic name next to it so she would pronounce everything perfectly.  Another comment, "Fantastic.  Slow down, did you drink coffee?"  Too funny, Lillie can talk fast for sure!  And the last, and best, "Fantastic, best I've ever heard!"  How great is that?  Of course, both boys had this same teacher and did the same project, so you know it must have been fantastic.  By the way, WOF stand for Wall Of Fame.  Way to go Lillie!
What else is Fantastic?  The Seahawks just beat the Saints in today's play off game.  Sorry Susanna.  Well, not really:)
This is the picture that most folks around here have on their FB feeds.  Or 12th man.  Or some Seahawks thing.  You should see this region on Seahawk Fridays.  Blue everywhere!  I think the amount of money people spend to show how much they support the Seahawks is ridiculous.  $100.00 per jersey is crazy, but there they are.  Of course, I am enjoying all the hype and thrills of having a great team too.  Go Seahawks!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Best she's ever seen - that's really saying something! Way to go, Lillie. Keep up the good work and keep on drinking that coffee :)

Bernice said...

9954899What a fantastic job on your project Lillie - and the teacher's comments, wow, we are all so proud of you. Keep up the good work, and as Amber said "keep on drinking that coffee."

Ellen said...

Wow, great job Lillie! Well, if the Dolphins can't be in the playoffs, then I say go Seahawks!

Susanna Powers said...

congratulations Julian, it was sad from down here. the seahawks are very macho. love, susanna