Wednesday, January 15, 2014

90 Seconds?

Good morning, what day is it?  What day is it?

Yesterday Lillie got to wake up early for a dentist appointment.  Oh joy!  I was feeling a bit pessimistic about this visit because my idea of brushing teeth for two minutes and Lillie's idea of brushing for two minutes seems to be at times about 90 seconds apart.  But great teeth may be in the genes as much as the care.  And Lillie has great teeth.  Her twelve year molars are on the way in, so I'm guessing she will "get" to spend her 6th grade year in braces.
Another picture for the No Cavity Club wall.  Yay!
Lillie and I swung by McDonald's for a quick breakfast on the way back to school.  Lillie just discovered that she really does like hashbrowns and orange juice.  McDonald's is surely a different place in the mornings.  Way to go Lillie!  And keep on flossing:)

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congrats to Lillie on no cavities!