Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Under the Tree.

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

Some of you may be wondering how sleeping under the tree went.  Well, Lillie and Preston made it the whole night, Hansen was on his X-box then up to bed, I made it till midnight, and Maren chose her own bed.  And yes, the cats made it all night under the tree.
I asked Lillie to send me a couple of pics.  She sent me this fun selfie of her and Preston.  Maybe this is from our house, but I don't think so, looks like the hotel lobby from the Roosevelt to me.
They did get in a great game of Monopoly.  Yup, this is our house.
This is our house too.  A cat under the tree.  Now there is a train and soon presents!
This is due to Friday's Apple Cup.  Yes!  I won this dollar from a co-worker.  I may have to get it framed:)

See you tomorrow.

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