Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soccer, Snow, and the Nutcracker.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Today is the first day of Winter Vacation!  That is worth repeating.  The kids and I are on vacation!  Maren and Lillie currently are off on "Girl's Day" with cousins and grandparents and nieces and, well, lots of girls I guess.  I'm happily doing nothing.  I actually have three or four blog posts worth of pictures, but I will just do one very long is easier on my brain that way.  Kind of.  And in reverse order:
Last night I got to hang out at Starfire Soccer Complex.  Preston and I where there for the Candy Cane Challenge.  Preston has played in this event a couple of times now.  This team is a miss-match team of past teams, and friends.  So, lots of fun.  Three short indoor games with tons of friends.  Fun!  Last night was the high school divisions.  They didn't do great, but they had fun.  And I had a good time catching up with parents that I have not seen for a long time.

Driving to the Candy Cane Challenge was no Challenge as the rain had started, but earlier in the day...driving armageddon around here.
All the neighboring school districts put school on a two hour delay, then the closest school districts canceled school all together.  They were smart.  Kent School District...not so much.  The KSD decided that no delay would be best.  This picture is taken in the dark of the snow falling at the time Preston would drive to school.  Yes, dark and snow.  We didn't let him drive...good decision indeed.  He got a ride from a neighbor parent, and that worked out just fine for him.
Hansen walks to school, so it worked out OK for him.
By the time Lillie was leaving, the roads were really bad.  This is her bus stop.  Pure ice.  Cars couldn't stop or go.  We waited for the bus, but it never came.  As in never the whole day.  Buses and cars were in ditches all over the district.  One of Lillie's friend's dad, with a huge 4X4, offered to drive her or she would have just stayed home with Maren.  Maren's rule is simple:  if the school districts around her work are closed due to snow, she doesn't drive in.  Lillie was happy to go to school for the partying.
While the pictures of the van didn't look too bad, this is what happens to the roads around here with the right type of snow.  Ice and hills don't go well together.  The KSD made a huge mistake.  Teachers and student's cars littered the ditches and there were numerous accidents.  I could go on and on.  The district sent out apology letters to parents and staff for this huge blunder.  Most viewed it as too little too late.  Groan on the whole situation.  Thankfully I can (and did) walk to work.
Thursday evening Maren and I took Lillie to the Nutcracker at the Seattle Center.  This is the big one.  We had great seats!  Just the stage curtain is amazing.  Twenty years ago I fell asleep at this show, this time it could have lasted longer.  But the little boy next to me was sleeping by the end...
Maren and Lillie before the show in the picture spot.  The lighting was a bit much, but they were there, and looking festive for sure.
I asked Lillie, "Why did you give this Rat King so much space?"  She said, "He is holding a sword!"
Sorry folks, I just couldn't resist.  This Nutcracker has a giant nose!
Maren and Lillie choosing a ballerina ornament for the Christmas Tree.  While we were at the Nutcracker, Preston was performing in his winter band concert.  John and Carol brought Hansen to the show.  I was sorry to miss the concert as the school band puts on a great concert for sure, but schedules just work out like that sometimes.  I'm glad John, Carol and Hansen were there.
Thursday was ugly sweater day at school.  I don't want to ever wear an ugly Christmas sweater, but I did find this t-shirt at the thriftstore.  Here is how my day went:  "Mr. Slane, are you really Santa?"  Me: "You never can tell, kid!"  Yeah, that's a quote from Elf.

Speaking of Santa, here is our family Santa picture:
Ho, Ho, Ho...See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Great pix! I'm glad everyone was safe in the snow, though the school district certain didn't help!

Bernice said...

Wonderful pictures of everyone, but Lillie in high heels - time marches on, and she is a beauty!!! Happy holidays to everyone.