Monday, December 16, 2013

Pageant Time.

Good evening, it is Monday

Sunday was our church's children's pageant.  It was very cute.  Lillie got to be one of the main readers and did a fabulous job!
Before the pageant began, I got to have a picture taken with this little star.
Lillie doing a great job as a reader.
This picture cracks me up.  Everyone was taking pictures at the same time.  It reminds me of the commercial where all the parents are fighting and tripping each other for the perfect photo.
I took this picture from the church's FB page.  Another parent took this picture, very nice.  In the background you can see the other kids walking up to their positions.
While this picture is very blurry, Hansen and the other middle schoolers were helping the littlest kiddos with costumes and simply walking where they were supposed to.
The high school kids didn't really have a role, but they did get to hang out.
The guy sitting a couple rows up from us in the Sherman shirt is an old friend of mine from the days before high school.  Of course the Seahawks were starting their game about this time, so a Seahawks jersey at church is multitasking:)

See you tomorrow.

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