Sunday, December 29, 2013

Karaoke Lights.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Maren and I attended a fun party in Tacoma for Maren's childhood neighbors.  One of the boys she babysat now lives in Japan and is home for a week, so the family threw a party.  It was great to catch up with everyone, but we left before getting sucked into the karaoke vortex.
 Keith and Kevin are the brothers that Maren used to babysit.  Kevin (right) works teaching English in Japan.  Sounds like he loves his job, and seemed to be enjoying his visit home too.  Yup, they are warming up the Karaoke.  As you can see, this was full on band style Karaoke, and some of the folks at the party had some mad music talent.  The Grange where this party was at is literally right across the street from friends Mick and Susan, so we stopped by for a quick visit before heading home.

I just got back from taking Hansen and Lillie to Wild Waves for a night of holiday lights and rides.  Maren decided to hang at home and Preston went out to the movies with his GF.
You have to walk through the closed water park to get to the rides side and all the lights.  This picture of Hansen and Lillie makes it look not too busy, but the park was pretty crowded.
The kids met up with school friends of Hansen.  Once they were all together, I took off for an hour or so.  Hung out at a nearby Starbucks, then brought all the kids a hot chocolate.  I walked around the park after that for a while, checking out lights and listening to kids and adults alike screaming on the rides.
Tonight Lillie went on a few big rides that she has never gone on before .  You can see her under the "N".  Brave kids for sure.  There were signs all over about how windchills on rides may be colder than expected.  Sure, my phone said it was 36 degrees before windchill, but kids like Lillie were dressed in only a sweatshirt.  I even saw a few in just t-shirts.  Goofballs!
I tried to get all the kids in the picture.  Lillie is in the snowman, can you see the other 4 kids?

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

Well, it's 39 degrees here and we just went out and did some errands and it was COLD. 36 degrees and just t-shirts? Yep, goofballs!