Friday, December 13, 2013

It Haunts Me!

Good morning, it is Friday the 13th!

Yesterday I took Lillie shopping for Christmas presents.  She did too good of a job.  I had to veto more things than I accepted.  Earlier in the day, Mel was also out shopping and she sent me this text message:
This is great.  You may remember my post from Thanksgiving...Jack and I had a ton of fun at the store with this exact Darth Maul mask.  And Avery apparently found one yesterday at the store.  The best part of this mask is the creepy stayings and voice!  So look what Lillie and I found:
Same one!  Nope, we didn't buy it.  We will save Mel's house this season.  Kind of.  I won't say exactly what Jack and Avery will be wearing from the Slane family, but I can't wait to get some video of them jumping around singing about what the fox says!  Whoops, that may be a little bit of a give away:)

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Those are some scary pictures there! We had no idea what you were talking about with what the fox says, so we just googled it and watched the video - wow!