Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Yes, we have been busy just like everyone else out there.  Hopefully you have received a Christmas card from us.  I don't know how fast the USP is these days, but I can tell you that I waited for nearly 45 minutes the other day in line at the post office just to pick up a package that couldn't be delivered.  If you don't receive one, let me know.

This evening I took the littles out shopping for some gifts for their school mates and such.  Here they are at the dollar store shopping away:
On the way home we drove by a house with amazing lights.  I twisted Maren's arm, so she went on a walk to check them out once we were home.
This is the view from the street, in the car.  I really need the panoramic shot.  On the walk I took a few more:
Husky Dawgs chasing a Couger and a Duck:)
Frosty the Snowman and crew.
Maybe the best part, the whole Peanuts gang!  Just looking at this I have the Linus and Lucy piano music dancing around in my head.
This is hard to read, but it is a "ditto" sign on the next door neighbor's lawn.  Too much!
Yesterday I got to hang out at the school music performance for my school.  Lots of fun song for sure.
And lastly, a few gifts (books) I purchased for a family that our school is sponsoring this Christmas.  Our school sponsors a family or two every year that is struggling.  These are great kids and I hope they can have an enjoyable Christmas.

See you tomorrow.


RETA said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing your activities and pictures! Really nice!


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool lights at that house - we say "ditto" too!