Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve.

Good evening, it is Christmas Eve.

We just got home from Christmas Eve service at church a short while ago.  Now it's watching A Christmas Story and waiting for Santa.  Santa's coming tonight tonight, Santa's coming tonight!
Hansen was signed up to Acolyte all by himself at tonight's busiest church service.  Lillie was nice enough to team up with Hansen.  They did an amazingly good job.  Rock Stars, both of them.
Before church we spent a great day at the Ostergard's house with family:
Cheers!  Shirley Temples around.  I think I ate half the jar of cherries...oops.
Jack and Avery jumping on Lillie and Preston.
Watching Elf and snuggling with cousins.
Now lets jump on Lillie!  Actually, it is easy to take pictures when it gets just a bit calm.  Kids were running around all evening having a grand time!  I even got to join in some too.
Grandpa John had his Polar Express train set up.  All aboard!
Dinner time!  This year the kids all sat on the same side of the table!  Swedish Meatballs, the best!
Which meant the adults got to sit on the same side as each other as well.  John and Carol had the ends of the table, and I got to hide behind the camera.
Sure, Santa will visit tonight, but it is time to open presents with the extended family!
How cute are they?
Yes, Darth Maul did show up disquised at Jack.  The force is strong here, and Lillie is not afraid.  Hoping my camera still works after this picture.
Avery watching the What Does The Fox Say video with me while wearing her new T-shirt.  I try my best to be a good influence...not sure it's working:)
Oh My!  Lillie's American Girl dolls can now go on vacation by themselves!

Great Christmas Eve with family!  See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Merry Christmas Julian! love, susanna & johnny

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!