Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rubbing Elbows

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Check out who we got to hang out with last night:

That's right, Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr., Eddie Murphy, Brooke Shields, Tiger Woods and many more.  Taking the time to check out the photos posted on the entry way to Benihana's is well worth it.  Of course, they did take our picture too:
This is our group.  Birthday dinner for both Preston and myself.  This dinner had been in the works for a while.  Regardless of timing, we know how to hang out in style.
Stef brought gifts, she has been crafting!
The chef did some fancy tricks with his tools.
Then cooked us an awesome dinner!
I tried my panoramic app.  I need to slow down next time.  But it is a fun pic of the atmosphere.  Which is what Benihana's is all about...and the excellent food.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, that's a wonderful panorama shot, and I have always loved Benihana. that's quite a party you have there and at least the photos can hang out together. happy Sunday, Love, susanna

Ellen said...

Cool panoramic shot! When I was working at the Brooklyn, an out of towner asked me for a recommendation for a restaurant for a special dinner and I said Benihana. Of course, I've never been too good at giving directions so I don't know if they ever got there - I'm glad you did, though!