Friday, November 29, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like...last year?

Good evening, it is Friday.

What a great couple of days!  This year was just like last year.  I was just looking at last year's blog post and laughing that it was just like this year's post will be.  Maren wondered why I was laughing at the computer so I told her that I could just use last year's post instead of making a new one (just a few small differences), she says that there is nothing wrong with being predictable:)  Nope, nothing wrong with that at all.  We started at John and Carol's house for Thanksgiving.  Then up to Seattle for an overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel.  A little shopping.  Watched the parade.  Lunch.  Home.  Christmas Tree up.  And tonight, sleeping under the tree.  Rather than having you search for last year's blog, let's see this year's pictures:
Playing games before Thanksgiving dinner.  This game may be as old as Nana!  I think she had it when she was a little kid.
The boys kicking the soccer ball on the stairs before dinner.
Is it dinner time yet?  Nope?  Guess I'll just jump on Preston:)
An after dinner walk to the park.  Hansen taught Jack and Avery a stick throwing game!
Maren and Melanie in their tunics.  Yeah, I'm laughing as I type tunic.  It's my blog, I can find words funny if I want to.  Of course these two look snappy in their tunics, but in the words of the Will Ferrell movie, Land Of The Lost, never trust a dude in a tunic...
More games.  Apples to Apples.  Maren was, is, and always will be the best Apples to Apples player.  Hansen teamed up with Jack and they did great.  I only won one card, "temperamental", whatever, it's just a game!
Lillie, John, Carol, and Avery.  Avery teamed up with Mel.  Avery was the cutest player ever.  When someone would read her card, she would excitedly whisper (just a bit too loudly) to Mel, "that's our card!"
We left John and Carol's house and headed up to Seattle.  We have learned a few tricks over the years, so checking out the awesome Ginger Bread houses on Thanksgiving night was relaxing an crazy long line free.
These are amazing.  I feel like there were a few less this year, but the ones they had were bigger.
The view from our room.  Last year we were much closer, but it worked out fine as the weather was great and we met up with John, Carol, Mel, Jack, Avery and Stef for the parade.  Maren went out to save spots on the road an hour early...and it is a good thing, the place was BUSY.  We were crammed in with tons of others.
Before the crowds.
Maren, Mel, and Stef got street seating.
And the Parade begins.  The Sound Wave band!
And a princess in a Snow Globe.
Yes, we even saw Santa.  The big guy.  The head honcho.  The connection.
Then we went shopping again.  Jack makes a good Darth Maul.
The littlest of the littles (not Hansen) got these cool magic wands.
The kids in front of the hotel Christmas tree.
Lunch at The Daily Grill.  I had a Chicken pot pie, and everyone else had equally yummy plates.  The Apple Cup started as we were finishing up lunch.  We made it home in time to see the second half!
Winner winner left over chicken pot pie for dinner!  Huskies beat the Cougars.  Hahahaha.  Go Huskies!
After the Apple Cup, it was time to put up the Tree.  Once up, Hansen helped get the lights working.  Then the ornaments went up.  Tonight, per tradition, it is sleeping under the tree.  I haven't decided if I will be part of that tonight or not.  The kids get along so well, they will have a great time telling goofy stories most of the night long.  I may want to sleep:)

See you tomorrow.


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