Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night our family, John, Carol and Stef helped with the H.O.M.E. project.  We have been volunteering for a night for the last few years or so.  We show up early, make lunches, then serve dinner to homeless men, then clean up afterwards.  This month our church is running this project at a neighboring church.
Preston setting up a lunch table.  The homeless men come to the church (about 25 approved men), pack a lunch for the next day, get dinner for the night, have a portable shower, then a place to sleep.
Nana and Lillie setting up the desserts.
Hansen just goofing off.  This night went so smoothly.  The week team leaders are the Hastings, and they just told the kids what needed to be done, and they did it!
Here is our family in the kitchen.  One of the better family pictures we have from this year.  Hansen is not so sure about this picture because he is shrinking down a few inches at the request of the photographer.  Really he is as tall as I am...or taller.
Now throw John, Carol, and Stef into the mix.  It was a late night, but a good night.  We did swing by for some ice-cream on the drive home.  Yum.
This picture of Preston playing the piano is not from the H.O.M.E. project.  But it is recent.  Preston decided to start playing the piano again.  I think the piano is happy to be used, and it still sounds great. Preston is still very good at this piano playing thing.  Right now his favorite song to play is Clocks, by Coldplay.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

A great project for the family. You all look good and are doing good work....

Amber said...

We should do something like this! Do you still split allowance up into spend, save, and donate? I keep thinking about implementing these things with my kids but they're just a bit too little (I think?). I mean, I need to teach Aurora about money and volunteering - hopefully that's part of what the Girl Scouts will do :)

Julian Slane said...

Amber, I'm sure the Girl Scouts will get you on your way. If not, Livestrong? Or school. Or a church that works with the community. No, we stopped doing the spend, save, and donate when they were little. It worked well when they were 3 - 6 ish, but then not so well. We are constantly updating allowance/chores/responsibility thing because any one system seems to fizzle out, and rewards only keep attention so long. Personally, I think you should start now, with both kids. Aurora will appreciate helping Clark, even if it is a little young, it will be something they have learned about and a groundwork will be set for later. Good luck!