Wednesday, November 06, 2013

CoD Ghosts

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the launch date of a very anticipated game for Hansen and many many other gamers in this world.  Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Hansen has been saving his money and actually doing chores for the last four months just to make sure he had enough money for this game.  Monday night at midnight was when probably millions and millions of gamers lined up outside their local game shops to pick up the game.  We were a little more reasonable, but so were many.  I picked Hansen up from school yesterday and we drove straight to GameStop.  Of course we were not alone, we were probably in a line of fifteen kids who raced there from school...and the line was growing.
This is one of the many huge posters with empty game cases around the store.  I was standing next to this one for a while [when in line at GameStop] so I took a quick picture.  This is an interesting mix of advertising IMO, inside the hexagon is the advertisement for Eminem's new album which is also released yesterday.  At our house, Hansen is the main one who likes shoot-em-up video games, while Preston is the main one who likes Eminem.  The two don't necessarily go together.  I know Preston was thinking of buying the album yesterday, but I think a few of the songs were released as singles in the last month and he probably already has them.
This is Hansen within minutes of getting home from school with his new game.  The bubble in the upper right shows a friend of his is already online playing this game.  He played this game with his friends for several hours yesterday.

On an unrelated topic, check out this picture:
This is what my mail has looked like for the last couple of weeks.  Yup, when we purchased Maren's new car I decided to shop for new insurance.  I was trying to get a Pemco quote online and the button I hit sent the info to way more companies than just Pemco.  Doh!  You should see my e-mail in box and the answering machine!  In the end I decided to stay with Allstate, but still, three fully covered cars with three drivers [one being a teenage boy] costs a ton of money!

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hansen on getting the video game! (And to you for singlehandedly trying to save the post office.) We still have Allstate, too.