Friday, November 22, 2013


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yay for Friday.  Next week is a short week with some good eats.  It's been cold around these parts.  Depending which weather app I use on my phone, it is either 25 degrees, or 31 degrees.  Both cold, so take your choice.  Preston is scraping ice off the van's windows as I type.

Lillie has figured out that if she snags my phone, she can snap all the pictures she wants without using the password.  I'm not sure why the phone does this, allows pictures when the rest of the phone is locked.  But I'm constantly finding goofy pictures of Lillie making funny faces, as well as cats.  While the pics are funny, to save future Lillie from embarrassment I will only post a couple of cat pictures:

Oh yeah.  And this is me saving the neighbor's Kitten, Nala, from the roof of the house.  Of course, she climbed up on the roof the next day too...and figured out how to get down herself.
This hat has been great for my walk to work.  Ove's ear flap hat keeps the ears warm!  Looks a bit goofy, but so do I:)

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Either 25 or 31 is really cold - we had cold weather here yesterday, too - 34 degrees on our Mustang app. Cute hat and cat pix!

Susanna Powers said...

what Ellen said (that was exactly my thought) down here we are freezing if it drops below 70. you look cute & so do the cats, if only we could see the Lillie selfies. love, susanna