Monday, November 11, 2013

Awesome Things.

Good evening, it is Monday.

I titled this post, "Awesome things", because I just have a ton of awesome pictures to show you. Ten awesome pictures to be exact.  The first few are of veterans as today is Veterans Day.  Enjoy:
This is my Grandpa Sandler in the year 1945.  This picture was taken in Germany while he was in the Army.
This is a picture of Maren's Grandpa and Grandma.  He was in the Coast Guard.  As a little kid, Maren always had funny names for folks, truisms for sure.  There was Ronnie, and More Ronnie (More Ronnie was Ronnie's twin sister).  Grandma Mike (a grandma nicknamed named after John's youngest brother).  And this grandma was called Other Grandma.
Today Hansen and I visited a friend of mine.  I met Frank when I was the Golf Professional at Highlands Golf Course back in 1996.  Frank is retired Navy.  Hansen brought over his archery stuff to show Frank the modern world of archery.  We set up a target in the back yard and did some shooting.  Frank gave Hansen these four very old recurve bows as he used to be an archer as well. Very cool, Hansen can't wait to try one or two of them out.  It was a nice visit.  Frank's wife, one of the nicest humans you could meet, has been battling health issues of late.  We hope she gets better soon.
Check out this find.  Today we started the day at Value Village's 50% off sale.  This jacket fits me perfectly!  It is a logo jacket/windbreaker for the U.S. Open coming to Chambers Bay in 2015.  It is brand new!  The $75.00 price tag still on it.  And I bought it for just $5.00.  I remember seeing these jackets last time I golfed Chambers Bay with Larry and thinking to myself, "I really like these jackets, but I just can't spend $75.00 for one."  Wow!  We all found great things for great prices.
Peaches!  John and Carol brought us back a case of canned peaches from a fruit run to Oregon.  We do love our peaches.  And our goofing off.  While eating these peaches, we listened to a song called Peaches by a band called Presidents Of The United States Of America.  Actually the lead singer is now singing children's songs and Maren used to work with one of the band member's moms!
Check out Preston's new soccer cleats.  He broke them in during his game on Sunday.  He had a super game!  Two goals and two assist, not to mention key roles in other great plays as well.
Leaves and helicopters.  I raked and raked and raked and totally filled up the yard debris container with fallen leaves.  I may not be a kid anymore, but I still think these helicopter seeds are the coolest things ever.  I'm drying a few out right now so I can throw them off the back deck.  Run and pick them up.  And throw them off the deck again!
This is our thermostat.  It is set to warm the house in the morning and in the evening while letting the temp drop during the night and the day.  I installed it a few years ago.  When we are home we can hit the "home today" button and it will just go to the highest temp for the whole day.  The other day we got home from an errand and I said to Maren, "should I hit the Home Today button?"  And walked over and hit the button.  Lillie was amazed.  While she has heard us say this for years, she never really thought there was an actual button.  She said, "What?  There is actually a Home Today Button?  I always just thought that was a metaphor!"  A metaphor...I love that kid.
How do you like Maren's new Seattle Sounders sticker?  Yeah, cool.  The Sounders season is over, but they are still our second favorite team.  Second only to Preston's soccer team.
How about a pic of me doing chores.  U of W Hoodie on and earbuds in.  Annoying everyone who tries to talk to me because maybe the music is too loud:)  What?  Huh?  Never mind?  O.K.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great post! What a fabulous find at Value Village! It's funny that Lillie thought that was just a metaphor. We hope your friend Frank's wife gets better soon, too.

Amber said...

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.