Sunday, November 03, 2013

All Dressed Up And...Da, Da, Dada.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Wow, what a day!  Today we spent the day celebrating with family; today Melanie and Courtney were married!  I could tell all right now, but I have plenty of photos to show you along the way, so let's go for a picture walk:
We showed up at the King County Court House early this morning to meet up with the wedding party.  While this is a nice picture of Maren and Lillie, take a look in the background, Hansen is being scanned by security.  Since today the courthouse is closed, we had to buzz in, then go through security.
Once there, we saw the whole gang.  Yes, Avery and Lillie do have the exact same dress!  No, we did not plan this.  How amazing is that?  Mel purchased Avery's dress online from the same store that we took Lillie shopping at Friday.  We are all still geeking out about this crazy coincidence.
Here is a picture John took of the Slane gang while Mel and Court were talking to the judge in chambers.  Sounds official huh?  The judge who officiated the wedding is named Mary Yu.  She did such a wonderful job officiating.
I hadn't really planned on taking many pictures during the actual ceremony, but Judge Yu invited us to roam around and take any pictures we wanted.  To begin the wedding, she called everyone around.  You can see the regulars from my blog on the left, the folks on the right are Courtney's family.  Courtney's brother's family drove from Montana to be there.  Judge Yu gave a great opening speech.  Speech is not really the word I'm looking for as it was actually part of the ceremony.  She talked about the importance of the year 2013 for human rights.  The importance of being able to marry the person you love.  Melanie and Courtney have been together for about 17 years (nearly as long as Preston has been alive) and now, in 2013, they can legally be married.  It is a big deal.
Exchanging vows.  Avery and Jack were in charge of the rings.  Beautiful.  While court houses can kind of give off a serious or stern feel, that was certainly not the case today.  Nor was it the case nearly 23 years ago when Maren and I were married in the same court house.
Afterward there was smiles and hugs.  Yup, that's Carol thanking Judge Yu for a beautiful ceremony.
Crossing the T's and dotting the I's.  John is signing as a witness.
Jack and Avery got to sign the Certificate of Marriage as well.  I'm thinking that Avery is making sure that Jack's J is not backwards:)
The happy family.
A nice picture with Judge Mary Yu.  Judge Yu was one of the judges who performed ceremonies at midnight the night the laws changed allowing marriage equality to all people.
This picture is not cropped.  Judge Yu took pictures of the whole group with three different cameras (including my own).  If this judging thing doesn't work out for her, photography could be a good option:)
A little goofing after the ceremony.
Courtney signing off with her niece.  Her niece couldn't be at the wedding so this i-pad was set up using facetime so she could see the whole ceremony!  How cool is that?
Afterward John and Carol treated the whole gang to a brunch at the Dahlia Lounge.  Thanks!  What a brunch, I'm still full.  If I do get hungry any time soon, we have left overs for days in the fridge.  Jack and Preston were having too much fun.
Lillie had a magic knife.  It was magnetized enough to pick up spoons and stuff.  Wacky.  After brunch it was back to Mel and Court's house for cupcakes and hanging out.
Congrats Melanie and Courtney!  Thanks for letting us share your special day.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, how wonderful! I'm so happy for Melanie and Courtney! What a beautiful family - and the judge certainly did take a great family picture there! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Best wishes to the happy couple. Congratulations! Everyone looked terrific and the photos came out great. Molly

Bernice said...

Congratulations to Melanie and
Courtney. Wonderful pictures,everyone looks so good and happy. Such a coincidence about the dresses -The twins are so beautiful.
Good luck to all.

Adi Radili said...
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Amber said...

Congratulations Mel & Court! It's about time! I only wish we could've been there. The dresses are gorgeous and Lillie's shoes are amazing!

Courtney Cunniff said...
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Courtney Cunniff said...

Thank you JuJu for the perfect post.xoxo