Thursday, October 31, 2013


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Halloween!  Tonight will be some candy collecting, candy passing out, and even candy eating!  Yay.

Check out these pumpkins:
Lillie carving away.  Maren helped her gut her pumpkin and is preparing to cook some seeds.  I will admit, these were the first pumpkin seeds I actually though were yummy!
Hansen and his archery!  Pretty cool pumpkin if you ask me.
And here they are.  They also look cool in the dark.
Maren made this cute as pumpkin pie Harry Potter pumpkin.  Cool huh?

How about those Boston Red Sox!  Last night they won the world series.  And a shout out to the Seattle Sounders who won their playoff game last night as well.  Next game against the Portland Timbers.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Cute pumpkins and pictures! And how about those Red Sox - Grandpa would be so thrilled! Sounds like the Seattle Sounders are doing great - did you hear that there may be a MLS team coming to Miami owned by David Beckham? Pretty cool! Happy Halloween!

Bernice said...

You all did a great job with the pumpkins - they are cute.
Yep, the Red Sox did it this year - your grandpa would be flipping out with joy.

Happy Halloween!!!