Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Pics, More Pics.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Sunday afternoon we had a very nice visit with cousins.  Mark and Susan hosted the get together with us as well as the Omans and Ostergards.  Just the kind of visit we always said we should do more often.  But in a couple of months the Omans will be moving to North Carolina.  Boo hoo for us.  Good for them.  There will be job advancement as well as schooling.  It has been so great having the Omans close by for the last several years.  Their house had been on the market without much action, but they ended up leaving the get together first as their Realtor had good news.  Sounds like a couple of full price offers!

Strangely, I didn't even take pictures.  Well, just a couple.  I have been frustrated with my phone/camera technology, and all the guys were watching american football on the telly.  
This was the one picture I took before just giving up on my camera.  Doh.  Kyra and Lillie doing the Cups song from Pitch Perfect.  Well, since I didn't get any pictures of the Omans, here are a few pics from last year at the fair:

Good luck in North Carolina!  I'm sure us and the kids will keep in touch, I mean, they all have cell phones and stuff right?  Right.

Look who I saw at work today:
Clifford the Big Red Dog!  Maybe he is not taller than a house, but he is much taller than a kindergartner.  Actually, this Clifford is the exact size of a 6th grader.  It is conference week which brings the Book Fair.  Tomorrow I get to go to Lillie's conference and her school's Book Fair.

 The photographer posted some of the photos he took of Homecoming.  Here are a couple more of Preston and Kennadie, including one of the whole group:

See you tomorrow.

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