Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homecoming, and a car too!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

I have had a full day today.  After this post I will be grabbing a beer or a hard cider and crashing on the couch next to Maren.  So what's been keeping me busy you ask?  Preston's Homecoming and a car shopping.
This is Preston and his date Kennadie.  I took this pic with my camera while the photographer was posing the kids and taking pictures with his.
One of the other kids's dad is an experienced photographer, so yay!  I'm sure these pictures will be great.  One of the guy's parents hosted this picture session as well as dinner for the group.  The group consisted of seven couples.  We hung out for a little bit, but took off before the big group pics were taken.  We will get copies sometime soon.
Yup, kids and parent's cars.  It was like a sales lot as the kids were getting their pics taken.  Speaking of a car lot, I spent the morning buying a new car.
Lillie, Maren, and Hansen in front of Maren's certified used Toyota Yaris.  I really liked this car, and I hope Maren does too.  Considering she always thought her old car was too big, this one should be just right.  As you know, I just did tons of work on the Mazda, but today I traded it in.  I will drive Maren's old car, and Preston will have the van to use.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Preston and Kennadie look great! Congrats on the Yaris and the car switch, though it's always sad to see an old Mazda B-series leave the family.