Sunday, October 06, 2013


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Last weekend the Sounders, Huskies, and Seahawks all won their games.  This weekend, all these teams lost!  Doh!  But the trade off was that the weather was nice this weekend and I golfed 9 holes with Preston today.  Last night we all went to Wild Waves for Fright Fest.  Actually we took two different cars because Preston drove his friend Kennadie.  After asking her to Homecoming that is:
The sign he made (with a little help from Lillie and even myself) was not completely dry for the car ride.  I'm thinking the bleeding letters were perfect for Fright Night?

Saturday I also golfed in a fund raiser golf tournament for the benifit of Kentlake's Golf teams.  I had a great team.  Maybe not the best team in terms of golf, but the best team in terms of people!  We played pretty darn well and had a great time.
That is me, second from the left.  The guy on my right in the picture also works with me and the kids and teachers are always getting us mixed up.  Some of the students are convinced that we are actually brothers.  The fact that his name is Mr. Lanza and my name is Mr. Slane doesn't seem to convince them otherwise.
This is the drive home from Elk Run today.  This world was beautiful today.  I started working at Elk Run when I was about Preston's age.  There is a good chance that the course (or half of it) will close down in the not to distance future.  There is a levy on the Maple Valley ballot to buy the center of the course and eventually put a new high school there.  Truth is, they probably need a second high school more than a second golf course, but it would be sad to see Elk Run close.  Another golf course I was a Head Golf Professional at, Sumner Meadows, just closed.  Times are hard for golf courses these days.
Check out Lillie's Halloween costume!  I took her out to the Supermall Friday evening for a little shopping.  A cute clown with pink hair!  This will be my costume:
Or will it?  Can you even tell that I'm wearing a Homer Simpson mask?  Doh!

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Does Preston have a new girlfriend!? Is Lillie a grownup!? I LOVE that costume on her! And Mr. Lanza... that's my other brother, right? Right.