Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blue Thursday

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today is Blue Thursday around these parts.  Why?  The Seattle Seahawks are playing tonight.  Yeah, you thought I was going to just show you broken stuff I'm bumming about.  Well, here you go:
Preston ordered a very nice driver from e-bay last week.  He was so excited when it showed up, until he opened the box.  No worries, we are able to send it back for a refund...minus the cost of shipping.  For the most part when purchasing from e-bay we get very good deals.
Doh!  This is what my pick-up looks like with half the engine removed.  Since this pic was taken I have put it all back together.  A trip to the machine shop, a bunch of trips to the auto parts store, and it runs!  Yup, drove all over yesterday without any issue.  Well, small exhaust leak somewhere that I may or may not troubleshoot.
Dude, check this guy out!  Yup, it's nearly Halloween and creepy things like this are being seen everywhere.

Go Seahawks.  Yeah, I'm a bit of a fair-weather Seahawks fan.  I mean, the Seahawks are my team, I'm more of a fair-weather football fan.  Not a huge fan of games that live and breath on injury.  Much prefer soccer, baseball, and golf.  Go Boston Red Sox!

See you tomorrow.

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