Thursday, October 10, 2013

An East Coast Birthday Post.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Birthday to ME!  Forty four.  Good for me!  Today I will stay late at work for a meeting, and Preston has a band concert.  Maybe a gift or two and some cake:)  I'd say it's a great day!  I kind of like the SIT meetings, I really enjoy Preston's band concerts, gifts are always good, and cake...YUM!  O.K. enough birthday rambling from the old guy.  I've got a few cool pics to show you.

John and Carol just got back from a fun trip to the east coast.  During their vacation, Carol would e-mail us (and the rest of her kiddos) to update us on their trip and their adventures.  I mentioned to her that if she had a few pics from her trip, I be happy to put them on the blog.  I'm sure you can tell from her photos that she had my blog in mind with her selection.  Enjoy:
World Trade Center Memorial
New York Public Library
Rutland, Vt.
Ostergard siblings
Fenway Park

An Ostergard family road trip included couples from California, Georgia and Washington all meeting on the same day, in the same little town of Rutland, Vt.  Everyone's route differed but the destination was the same.

John and Carol explored New York before arriving in Rutland to meet the others.  After several days of serious "leaf-peeping", they separated from the group and drove to Boston for a whirlwind glimpse of this city.  It couldn't have been a more wonderful trip!

Thanks Carol for the pictures and the write up!  I would have loved to see all these places!  In fact, I'm wearing my Boston Red Sox cap right now!   

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Julian! Cool pix from the Ostergard trip!

Susanna Powers said...

Happy Birthday week Julian! time flies, that's for sure. the vacation pictures are really nice. have fun, Love, susanna

Bernice said...

A great trip the Ostergards went on - memories of Rutland,VT - our summer home for 13 years (Killington, actually), but we went to Rutland almost every day, including Friday nite services at Rutland Jewish Center.
Hope you had a great 44th birthday, wow!!