Thursday, October 31, 2013


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Halloween!  Tonight will be some candy collecting, candy passing out, and even candy eating!  Yay.

Check out these pumpkins:
Lillie carving away.  Maren helped her gut her pumpkin and is preparing to cook some seeds.  I will admit, these were the first pumpkin seeds I actually though were yummy!
Hansen and his archery!  Pretty cool pumpkin if you ask me.
And here they are.  They also look cool in the dark.
Maren made this cute as pumpkin pie Harry Potter pumpkin.  Cool huh?

How about those Boston Red Sox!  Last night they won the world series.  And a shout out to the Seattle Sounders who won their playoff game last night as well.  Next game against the Portland Timbers.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

To the Right.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Today I chaperoned a middle school church trip to a pumpkin patch/corn maze/hay ride kind of place.  Believe it or not, I have not ever been in such a corn maze that I can remember.  I've been in hay mazes, but this was different.  There were two mazes with nearly four miles of trails.  That's a lot of walking!
This is the group we went with.  I even got to drive the 15 passenger van!  And get us lost!  By driving to the wrong corn maze!  But who cares!
Yes, there really was nearly four mile of this.  No, I didn't travel that far.  Lillie and I cruised around and never even saw anyone else from our group.
Once out of the first maze, Lillie and I purchased some Kettle Corn.  Yum.  Now which way to go?  In the second maze Lillie and I decided to turn right at every single intersection no matter what.  And it worked, we made it out alive.  Did I mention that the two corn mazes were carved in the shapes of zombies?
After the corn maze was a wagon ride.  Yup, too cool for school.
A selfie with Lillie.  Fun time at the corn maze for sure.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still Clowning Around.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

And you thought we were finally done clowning around!  Nope.  Last night was the Covington Girls Scouts Halloween Party.  Lillie is new to Girl Scouts, she tried a bit last year, then joined a troop this year.  This year as in last month.  Her new troop was in charge of running the whole show.  I was told there would be other dads, and I should come too.  Yes there were a few of us, but not many.  Maren and I helped with the setup and take down.  I even helped a bit with money collection of the silent auction.  The evening was a huge success, here are some new pics (yes, I did fix my photostream and my picture technology is working again!  Phew!  First world problems):
Lillie and friends helping decorate.
Lillie's troop was judging the best costume portion, so they were not in the contest.  You can see Lillie on the right (pink wig) filling out her ballot.
One of four cake auction tables.  Yes, we won a cake auction.  We shall eat cake tonight!
Lillie and I just clowning around.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Clowning Around.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Jr. High School dance.  Elementary School dance.  High School football game.  And that's just the stuff in real life.  Game 2 of the World Series.  What else does one need?

Hansen took himself to his dance (stayed after school, then walked home).  Preston drove himself to his game.  I took Lillie to her dance.  And Maren stayed home to watch the World Series (go Boston!)or maybe read a book, and help feed an overlapping family as we were off in different directions.
Lillie is dressed as cute clown.  She is nearly as tall as I am these days!
Just hanging with friends.
And dancing.  The DJ did a good job and the kids were all running around goofing off.  Fun dance for sure.  Ready for an old person alert:  Holy Cow, the music loud!  Lol.
I snagged this picture from Amber's FB post.  This is Aurora in her home made sock hop skirt.  How cute is this?  I'm guessing Aurora will want to wear this far more than just to one dance.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keep Calm.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I attended Lillie's goal setting conference.  She is doing great!  She is a great student who does very well in all subjects.  Of course, the Book Fair is in full swing during conference week and a new book or two is always a treat.
Lillie loves cats!  She picked up a cat poster, and a book about a cat named Dewey.
This is a little piece of art that was hanging in the hallway of her school.  While I'm no longer the art docent, it great to see the wonderful art on display thanks to all the efforts of the art docents.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Pics, More Pics.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Sunday afternoon we had a very nice visit with cousins.  Mark and Susan hosted the get together with us as well as the Omans and Ostergards.  Just the kind of visit we always said we should do more often.  But in a couple of months the Omans will be moving to North Carolina.  Boo hoo for us.  Good for them.  There will be job advancement as well as schooling.  It has been so great having the Omans close by for the last several years.  Their house had been on the market without much action, but they ended up leaving the get together first as their Realtor had good news.  Sounds like a couple of full price offers!

Strangely, I didn't even take pictures.  Well, just a couple.  I have been frustrated with my phone/camera technology, and all the guys were watching american football on the telly.  
This was the one picture I took before just giving up on my camera.  Doh.  Kyra and Lillie doing the Cups song from Pitch Perfect.  Well, since I didn't get any pictures of the Omans, here are a few pics from last year at the fair:

Good luck in North Carolina!  I'm sure us and the kids will keep in touch, I mean, they all have cell phones and stuff right?  Right.

Look who I saw at work today:
Clifford the Big Red Dog!  Maybe he is not taller than a house, but he is much taller than a kindergartner.  Actually, this Clifford is the exact size of a 6th grader.  It is conference week which brings the Book Fair.  Tomorrow I get to go to Lillie's conference and her school's Book Fair.

 The photographer posted some of the photos he took of Homecoming.  Here are a couple more of Preston and Kennadie, including one of the whole group:

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homecoming, and a car too!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

I have had a full day today.  After this post I will be grabbing a beer or a hard cider and crashing on the couch next to Maren.  So what's been keeping me busy you ask?  Preston's Homecoming and a car shopping.
This is Preston and his date Kennadie.  I took this pic with my camera while the photographer was posing the kids and taking pictures with his.
One of the other kids's dad is an experienced photographer, so yay!  I'm sure these pictures will be great.  One of the guy's parents hosted this picture session as well as dinner for the group.  The group consisted of seven couples.  We hung out for a little bit, but took off before the big group pics were taken.  We will get copies sometime soon.
Yup, kids and parent's cars.  It was like a sales lot as the kids were getting their pics taken.  Speaking of a car lot, I spent the morning buying a new car.
Lillie, Maren, and Hansen in front of Maren's certified used Toyota Yaris.  I really liked this car, and I hope Maren does too.  Considering she always thought her old car was too big, this one should be just right.  As you know, I just did tons of work on the Mazda, but today I traded it in.  I will drive Maren's old car, and Preston will have the van to use.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blue Thursday

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today is Blue Thursday around these parts.  Why?  The Seattle Seahawks are playing tonight.  Yeah, you thought I was going to just show you broken stuff I'm bumming about.  Well, here you go:
Preston ordered a very nice driver from e-bay last week.  He was so excited when it showed up, until he opened the box.  No worries, we are able to send it back for a refund...minus the cost of shipping.  For the most part when purchasing from e-bay we get very good deals.
Doh!  This is what my pick-up looks like with half the engine removed.  Since this pic was taken I have put it all back together.  A trip to the machine shop, a bunch of trips to the auto parts store, and it runs!  Yup, drove all over yesterday without any issue.  Well, small exhaust leak somewhere that I may or may not troubleshoot.
Dude, check this guy out!  Yup, it's nearly Halloween and creepy things like this are being seen everywhere.

Go Seahawks.  Yeah, I'm a bit of a fair-weather Seahawks fan.  I mean, the Seahawks are my team, I'm more of a fair-weather football fan.  Not a huge fan of games that live and breath on injury.  Much prefer soccer, baseball, and golf.  Go Boston Red Sox!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pumpkin Wrangler

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night I picked my computer up from the repair store, boy did we miss it!  Friday I was looking on Craigslist for cars and I right when I clicked to open a picture, my computer crashed.  I did what I could for it, but brought it in to the repair store.  That's right, looking at cars is both dangerous on the wallet and the computer.  No, we don't have a new car.  But I do think I will have the pick-up ready to run by tonight.  Fingers crossed that it will actually run!  No computer didn't keep us from having fun.

After a very nice lunch with John and Carol at IHOP on Sunday, we (Preston elected to stay home) went to a Pumpkin Patch.
Lillie had been wanting to take this picture for weeks!  This is a recreation of the picture I have had as my computer background with her and Maren from last year.
Hansen jumped in the picture too!
Hansen and Lillie hanging with an old tractor.  If you ask Lillie about tractors, she will probably talk about the cat she found on the seat of the tractor.  Comfy place for a cat for sure.
Yup, we were after pumpkins after all.
But we did see other farm things as well.  Like animals.  This pig was happy in the mud!  Lillie kind of lured Hansen into coming with us with talk of wrangling chickens.  Last year there were chickens roaming about.  This year not so much.  The owner mentioned Coyote lurking at night and chickens needing to be safer than roaming free.  But we did find this one chicken:
Hansen and Lillie followed it for a while with the hope of doing some wrangling.  The little chicken would have nothing to do with wrangling.  I don't think the coyote could wrangle it, maybe that is why it was still free.
One last pic of me from my birthday.  With my Cold Stone ice cream cake!  Yum.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

An East Coast Birthday Post.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Birthday to ME!  Forty four.  Good for me!  Today I will stay late at work for a meeting, and Preston has a band concert.  Maybe a gift or two and some cake:)  I'd say it's a great day!  I kind of like the SIT meetings, I really enjoy Preston's band concerts, gifts are always good, and cake...YUM!  O.K. enough birthday rambling from the old guy.  I've got a few cool pics to show you.

John and Carol just got back from a fun trip to the east coast.  During their vacation, Carol would e-mail us (and the rest of her kiddos) to update us on their trip and their adventures.  I mentioned to her that if she had a few pics from her trip, I be happy to put them on the blog.  I'm sure you can tell from her photos that she had my blog in mind with her selection.  Enjoy:
World Trade Center Memorial
New York Public Library
Rutland, Vt.
Ostergard siblings
Fenway Park

An Ostergard family road trip included couples from California, Georgia and Washington all meeting on the same day, in the same little town of Rutland, Vt.  Everyone's route differed but the destination was the same.

John and Carol explored New York before arriving in Rutland to meet the others.  After several days of serious "leaf-peeping", they separated from the group and drove to Boston for a whirlwind glimpse of this city.  It couldn't have been a more wonderful trip!

Thanks Carol for the pictures and the write up!  I would have loved to see all these places!  In fact, I'm wearing my Boston Red Sox cap right now!   

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Last weekend the Sounders, Huskies, and Seahawks all won their games.  This weekend, all these teams lost!  Doh!  But the trade off was that the weather was nice this weekend and I golfed 9 holes with Preston today.  Last night we all went to Wild Waves for Fright Fest.  Actually we took two different cars because Preston drove his friend Kennadie.  After asking her to Homecoming that is:
The sign he made (with a little help from Lillie and even myself) was not completely dry for the car ride.  I'm thinking the bleeding letters were perfect for Fright Night?

Saturday I also golfed in a fund raiser golf tournament for the benifit of Kentlake's Golf teams.  I had a great team.  Maybe not the best team in terms of golf, but the best team in terms of people!  We played pretty darn well and had a great time.
That is me, second from the left.  The guy on my right in the picture also works with me and the kids and teachers are always getting us mixed up.  Some of the students are convinced that we are actually brothers.  The fact that his name is Mr. Lanza and my name is Mr. Slane doesn't seem to convince them otherwise.
This is the drive home from Elk Run today.  This world was beautiful today.  I started working at Elk Run when I was about Preston's age.  There is a good chance that the course (or half of it) will close down in the not to distance future.  There is a levy on the Maple Valley ballot to buy the center of the course and eventually put a new high school there.  Truth is, they probably need a second high school more than a second golf course, but it would be sad to see Elk Run close.  Another golf course I was a Head Golf Professional at, Sumner Meadows, just closed.  Times are hard for golf courses these days.
Check out Lillie's Halloween costume!  I took her out to the Supermall Friday evening for a little shopping.  A cute clown with pink hair!  This will be my costume:
Or will it?  Can you even tell that I'm wearing a Homer Simpson mask?  Doh!

See you tomorrow.