Thursday, September 19, 2013


Good morning, it is Thursday!

This is the first picture of Preston at age 17, taken just this morning.  Maren and I did sing "Happy Birthday" to him, but we spared him the spankings and the pinch:)  He should have a fun day today at school and tonight at a school football game.  In between school functions will be a birthday present or two, and a dinner of his choice.

Last night I got to go to Preston's high school for open house.  I walked his schedule and met his teachers.  From what I can tell he has a fine schedule with excellent teachers and plenty of friends in his classes.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Happy Birthday Preston! 17 is a good age and a good lucky number. love, susanna

Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Preston!

Amber said...

PRESTON! Happy Birthday!!!