Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Old Caterpillar.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Look what I found on my desk at work today:
Yup, it's a caterpillar.  But not just any caterpillar, one from a log time ago.  A long time Cedar Valley teacher, turned most popular substitute teacher, is also the mom of one of my high school classmates and fellow cross country teammates.  She left this for me to see on my desk.  I'll give ti back next time I see her.  From here you can't really tell what's up with it, but take a closer look at the bottom of the feet and you see:
Lots of names.  These are the names of many of the kids on my high school cross country team.  To be honest, my brain doesn't remember this little guy from 1984.  I posted this on FB and learned that we made this guy in Spokane during the state cross country meet.  The meet was run on a golf course, possibly the first time I ever even stepped foot on a golf course, first I remember anyhow.  Yup, I definitely wrote my name myself on the upper right foot back in the mid 1980s.  Cool.

I wasn't going to blog at this time as I should be riding on my exercise bike, but I'm a bit exhausted from working on the pick-up truck.  It is suffering an overheating problem.  I replaced a cracked radiator hose, but the problem still exists.  From what I can glean online, the radiator or heater core is probably clogged keeping the fluids from circulating...fun times!  Back to blogging. Lillie asked me to print the next two pictures for a school assignment of hers, I'll post them too, just in case she needs them at school.
This is Joe.  Lillie calls him Jojo.  But his real name is Joe.  I know, I helped name the little guy a year before Lillie was even born.
And this is Ranger.  Yes, they are cute cats and Lillie really loves them.  We have been fighting (and recently winning) a flea issue with these guys, so yay for the winning part.  One of our cats (Ranger) is very creative...as in he like to think outside the box.  The litter box.  Yuk.

See you tomorrow.

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