Monday, September 23, 2013

A Fair Time.

Good morning, it is Monday.

And a soggy Monday.  Fall (Autumn) arrived yesterday and just like clockwork, the weather has changed as well.  But, but, but...not butt:)  Before I complain about crummy weather, let's wish my little sister Amber a very happy birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!

Saturday Lillie and I went to the fair with cousins and friends!  Lillie has very high expectations for the fair, and I'm sad to report, they were not completely met this year.  But hey, that's the fair.  In a perfect world she would have had me win her a Lemur stuffed animal, ride on lots of rides, pet kittens and cows, and have a relaxing day just having fun.  But the fair was so busy you couldn't walk side by side with your friends.  The kids did get to go on plenty of rides, but ran out of time for games and animals.  Next year, I don't know, maybe we will actually have to go on a weekday or something.  But hey!  We went and spent at the fair.  I like that, the fair's motto should be, "We went and we spent!"  I had a fine time:)
My van was filled to compacity!  Over full if you want to know the truth, but it only had to drive like this for three blocks:)
It's ride time!
How about this?  A loaf of curly fries and a refillable soda?  They were very yummy!  Even had an elephant ear.  The soda never got refilled because the line was like 30 minutes long.  Yikes.

Overall, I say it was a win.  Till next year.  In case you wondered, where are the boys and Maren?  Maren got to have lunch with some good friends she doesn't get to see too often.  Hansen was at a sleepover youth group retreat, and Preston was in Oregon with his band playing the halftime show for a college football team.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Thanks!!! Happy first day of Fall - the weather's sort of cooling off here, in the mornings at least. And I agree - the fair (and everything really) is much more fun when it's not crowded. Oh well. The rides looked fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like everyone had the best time possible - too bad it was so crowded.