Saturday, August 31, 2013


Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

This morning Maren and I went out for a garage sale walk.  No great finds, but it's always nice to go for a garage sale walk with Maren.  Now I'm just hanging around doing yard work and waiting for the Sounders and Huskies games.  And taking breaks every now and then to play with my golf clubs.

Last night Preston and I went out for a quick 9 holes of twilight golf.  We teed off at 6:30 pm knowing it was going to get dark around 8:00 pm.  We walked through the gates (off the course) at exactly 8:00 pm, and right as the course staffer was driving up to lock it up.  Perfect!
I had just hit a beautiful driver up the right side of the fairway and stepped back to take a picture of Preston with the sun at our backs.  He hit his 3-wood about 15 yards past me.  Of course, we didn't find this out until we got to the first ball.  Two holes later I hit another good drive, then decided to hit one with my 3-wood just to see if my driver was really doing it's job.  Preston grinned at me and said, "getting out driven back there...that kind of hurt you didn't it dad?"  Yeah, it kind of hurt.  But it's a good hurt.

Go Huskies!  Go Sounders!

See you tomorrow.

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