Thursday, August 15, 2013

On Target.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Well, it is not really morning, but try telling that to the kids.  They are finally all up, and Preston is making pancakes for breakfast...or lunch as the clock would lead one to believe.  It is just a rainy day around here and maybe we will end up school shopping or something later on.  Who knows.

But yesterday was a very nice day.  The weather was dry but muggy.  And I got to go both golfing in the morning with Preston and then archery in the evening with Hansen.  Both sports were treating me kindly yesterday, some days are just like that.  I golfed good and I shot good.  I have to beat these kids when I can...and yesterday I could:)
On the hole 12 at Druids Glen (way down hill over a lake that surrounds the front/left of the green) I came closer to an hole in one than I have in years.  From about 160 yards this ball came straight down right in line with the pin, so much you couldn't see the ball.  The mark is several inches directly in front of the cup, and the ball ended up a couple of feet behind.  How did it not go in?  I'll take the easy birdie!  Preston's game came around nicely, and on the back 9 he was playing pretty good golf.  I definitely think he could make it on his high school's golf team if he wanted to try out.
Archery went just as well for this old guy.  My sight just seemed to sit on the target from every distance.  Hansen and I walked one of the marked courses shooting two arrows at each target.  Hansen also shot well, but this picture is of one of my targets from 45 yards.  Yes, both arrows exactly in the center.  I know I'll have plenty of days where my golf ball doesn't fly so straight and my arrows miss the target, so I'm enjoying yesterday.

See you tomorrow.

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