Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Kid Swap.

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

The last couple of days we have done a kid swap with the cousins.  We met at John and Carol's house to help move their big new (to them...actually an antique) buffet/thing.  It was not easy task, but we got it done without any damage to the buffet or ourselves.  Yay!
I'm sure it looks way better today.  By now it probably has the drawers in, and plates and goodies filling the inside too.  It even has lights in the top.
Lillie (right) and cousin Claire getting ready for big adventure.  This is the way I last saw them.  They always look the same, so yeah.  Lillie was heading to Claire's house for the night.  The kid swap will be going back to normal this evening.
In exchange for Lillie, we got Alex.  Here Hansen is showing Alex a little about archery.  Tip number 1...the bow is not a mustache!
Yup, a little shooting.  But let's not think that this is what they did the whole time.  This is more like it:
Yes, the x-box got a workout today.  The only way I could figure to get them off the x-box was to not cook for them.  I did get out supplies for them to make some biscuits and noodles.  Once starving, they actually did a good job cooking some food for themselves.  As I type, they are back at the x-box.

See you tomorrow.

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