Monday, August 12, 2013

It's amazing what Canby found when out and about.

Good afternoon, it is Monday.

Another divide and conquer weekend around here.  I spent the last three days in Oregon with Preston and his soccer team.  Lillie had an overnight birthday party, and Hansen hung out at home playing x-box and shooting his bow.  Preston will have one more soccer tournament this summer, then it will be school time.  Lillie is itching to go buy her school supplies and the kids are all starting to think about new clothes.  Here are some photos from the last few days:
When shopping for her friend's birthday gift, Lillie found a MLP water color painting book.  I think one of these masterpieces was even included in the gift.
Lillie has been good at bunny sitting.  She even made a rock design in the gravel while just hanging with the bunny.
Leaving one of the fields after a game in Oregon.  The team played 5 games and ended up winning the consolation match.  They played the number one team from both Oregon and Utah in this event, so not a bad place to finish.
Preston's teammate Christian rode down with us and roomed with us too.  I didn't realize until the ride home that they have reversed numbers on their jerseys.  Preston is number 73, but I know he would go with just 7 if it were available.  Preston has all kinds of mathematical reasons number 73 is prime numbers and such.  But I think they just wanted similar numbers.  One cool goal of the tournament was a corner kick that Preston took that he landed right on Christian's head.  Christian headed it in the upper corner of the goal.
Three of the games were in Canby, Oregon.  Right next to the field was this Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial.  Who knew?  From where I'm standing for this picture, you could simply turn around to see this part of the memorial:
So yeah.  And then if you just walked 10 paces, you were in a Burgerville.  Since I had time to spend waiting for the game(s) to begin, I enjoyed a milkshake too.
Preston has been happy to be home and hanging with friends.  Here they are just an hour ago playing poker in the neighbor's driveway.  Hansen is out in back with is archery stuff.  I hear he split another arrow from hitting it square in the back over the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, a lot going on as usual. Great pix of everyone, and it's always nice to see the bunny!