Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cat Prison.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Well, this is it.  Last night of summer vacation.  We are ready!  Kind of.  In just a few minutes we will be heading to Lillie's school to say hi to her teacher and drop off all of her school supplies!

I got in one last round of golf today with a friend who is the Library para at my school.  While the actual teachers were attending in service classes, we were golfing.  We snapped this picture in the last green to text to a teacher at our school who is also a golfer:
I'm on the right.  Yes, Mr. Lanza and I often get mixed up by the kids at school...the teachers too!  The caption on this picture for our golfing friends, "in service day!"  This is why I may have to stay a para forever.

Preston has been wanting a dresser for his room.  Since he and Hansen share a room, his stuff has kind of been in an alcove with baskets and such.  I picked this up at IKEA...and told Preston he could build it when he was ready for it.
Here Preston is getting ready to build.
Day two, the dresser is just hanging out mostly built.  The kids put this Cat Prison sign on it.  Jojo did bring a dead bird into the house in the morning, so cat prison sounded about right.  Of course he loved this place.
And the finished product.  Nice job Preston!  Built the whole thing with zero help.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Have a great school year!

Susanna Powers said...

Aurora's already gone to Kindergarten! So I'm sure everyone in your household is ready for this. Have a good school year & enjoy life in spite of it... love, susanna