Wednesday, August 21, 2013

California Oranges.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

One week from tomorrow and we will be back in school.  I have been waking the kids up earlier and earlier the last few days to hopefully get them back on schedule just a little bit.  I have a feeling it will be hard no matter what.  Since I have not blogged in a bit, I have a bunch of different pictures which I will caption with their own story:
Yesterday Lillie and I drove out to the city of Preston to return Coco Chanel to its real owner.  Lillie has done such a great job caring for Coco this summer.  But this big bunny run is really a better home for a bunny come the cold wet days ahead.  See you later Coco!  Lillie says that summer is officially over now that Coco is back at home:(
Monday we spent the day at the pool celebrating a couple of birthdays.  Carol and Melanie's birthdays are a day apart and a nice day at the pool worked perfectly.  Carol has been wanting a bicycle to go with John's new bike, so we picked her up a little beach cruiser.  Let the cruising begin.  I hear the cruising actually began yesterday!
Preston hanging out with Jack and Avery at the pool.  Jack kept thinking it would be a great idea to see if he could get away with tickling Preston and running away.
On Sunday Maren and I were invited to a Tacoma Rainers baseball game in Cheney Stadium.  They were passing out pink hats for the Milgard Brest center.  Here Maren is hanging out with a statue of Ben Cheney of whom the stadium is named.  Ben Chaney, who is credited with standardizing the size of wall studs at 8x2x4, died the same year Maren was born.
How about a cheesy self pic of Maren and myself?  Pretty in pink...
Can you read the sign in the outfield?  Happy Birthday Larry Nelson!  Yep, we were at the game with a largish group to celebrate Larry's birthday...and there it is on the big screen.
This is Lillie's latest creation.  I gave in and took her shopping for hot glue.  As in unlimited hot glue for the hot glue gun.  This girl is a crafting genius.  She has been systematically creating the furniture and toys for her American Girl Dolls that she finds in the American Girl catalogs.  As you can see this is Grace's homemade scooter made from Preston's Nike Shoe box, packing tape (if you leave tape out, Lillie crafts with it), hot glue, pipe cleaners, and a sharpie.  And of course, her little stuffed dog.
This is a picture of the actual one from the one from the catalog so you can see how a job Lillie did on her scooter.  Nicely done Lillie!

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Lillie is a crafting genius!!!