Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wild Waves!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Lillie got to go to Wild Waves!  We didn't go once last year, which was fine with me, but not with Lillie and Hansen.  Personally I have found it hard to be at Wild Waves with kids under the age of like 10.  There are just too many people and too many places to go.  Yesterday was different.  Lillie's all grown up!  Of course I invited both Preston and Hansen, but they decided that they would rather stay home.  So it was just a dad and Lillie many other excursions this summer.  Actually, it seems to be a dad and Lillie summer, intermingled with soccer tournaments and archery outings.

Lillie was so excited to be going.  I don't think her back even touched the seat back in the van the last part of the drive.  Then we were in the park:
 Where to begin?  We went on an innertube ride, then the bumper cars.
From there Lillie went into the activity pool.  This is just one of the places she never could have gone two years ago.  Now she just swims like a fish and loves these slides.  She is halfway down the slide in this picture.
Lillie also wanted to hang out in the wave pool and the kiddie activity center.  Yup, she can do all the big kid rides and the little kid rides, excellent.  I decided to go check out this BMX show while Lillie was in the wave pool.  In this picture one of the riders is jumping straight over a volunteer from the audience!
Then it was off to the big rides.  Lillie skipped the mellow inner tube rides for this one.  I was surprised to say the least.  We already have plans to do Wild Waves again and again.  In fact, tomorrow we will be back with one of Lillie's schoolmates, and then next week Hansen and Lillie have an outing planned with their friends too.  Yay for season passes from Santa.

Speaking of Santa.  Did you know that Christmas in July is a marketer's dream slogan?  Right now the DVR is filled with sappy Hallmark Christmas in July movies.  These are actually the reruns from last Christmas season.  Maren and Lillie enjoy these movies.  I have to leave the room for the middle of the movies, but I don't mind seeing the endings.  It's like the old Leave It To Beaver knew Beaver would do something dumb, that was the whole thing.  But it worked out in the end.  Blah.

See you tomorrow.

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Donna L Martin said...

I was taking a break and just started visiting random blogs. It looked like someone was having fun! Here's to a relaxing weekend...

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