Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who Loves a Parade?

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday morning I woke up early and walked to the Covington parade all by myself.  Why?  I love a parade!  And Lillie was walking in it.  Maren and the boys slept in, can't really blame them...who schedules a parade for 9:30 am on a Saturday?
Lillie spent the night with some of her friends who are Girl Scouts.  So she got to pretend to be a Girl Scout and march in the parade.  You can see from the photo that this parade was a bit early for everyone.  The first part of the parade had not many folks watching.  Lillie says that around the corner there were plenty more people.
Hi Lillie!
Yup, a monster truck!
And a marching band.  This is some of the kids from Preston's school marching to a little Devo.
Another one of Preston's friends who got up early for the parade.  Yeah, they let 16 year old drive the driving school cars.  Was I really safe on the sidewalk?
Tractors!  This parade didn't have the parade of cool cars, but it did have tractors!

See you tomorrow...actually in just a few minutes.

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