Tuesday, July 02, 2013

VBS, Soccer, Shopping, and Oregon.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

It as been a while since my last post.  We have been busy!  Maren is currently in Chicago for an ALA Conference.  I've only texted with her a little as we have both been so busy.  So what have I done on this end you ask...let's see:  Finished up VBS, drove to Salem OR for soccer tournament (yes...the littles were with us), visited the pool with John and Carol, took Preston to Seattle Sounder's u-18 tryouts, and even cleaned the deck!  Strangely I feel like I've been much busier than this last little list shows.  Hmm.  Oh, yes...the weather in Salem was in the 90's as it has been here the last couple of days.  Just beating the heat (when you don't have AC because everyone knows you don't need AC in Washington) can be a full time job.  Now for pictures:
 Last Thursday was the last day of VBS.  Lillie got to be both a participant and a helper!  She enjoyed the projects, and was a very good helper!  I would say that while I had three teenage boys helping my group, Lillie may have been the most help of all of them.  But to be fair, the boys did a very good job as well.  This is the group of kids we had at VBS.  Lillie is top right.
And these are the teenagers who volunteered their time making everything go smoothly.  Preston is top left, Hansen is top right, and Lillie (not quite a teenager) is in the front row.  Friday was the day that this group got to be rewarded by being taken to a water park.  We couldn't be there as it was off to Oregon.  Friday morning I brought Maren to the airport at 3:30am, then came home and the rest of us were on the road to Salem by 8:00am.
Lillie and Hansen did have a buddy in Oregon.  Austin's little sister was there too.  Maddie is a great kid and the three had a ton of fun exploring and goofing off.  The hotel we stayed in had a pool and some walking trails.  Lillie took me on an adventure on morning to show me where they spied a river otter and awesome waterfalls.  Funny thing, Lillie will from now on relate Oregon to a very warm state with amazing things to do.  When she grows up, she wants to live in Oregon!  I tried to explain how Oregon is really just like Washington and we just happened to be there for a great week.  I'm not so sure she believes me.
Soccer in the heat.  Preston played four games in weather of 90 degrees or warmer.  Most games we tried to be off in the shade, even if we were away from the other parents.  Hansen read a couple of books on this trip!
Here is a picture another parent took.  Preston is flying down the field and the rest of us are up on the hillside in the background.
The team played well.  They ended up taking 2nd place in their division!
Yes, we did stop by the Woodburn shopping mall.  The boys went one way and Lillie and I went another.  Lillie purchased a cute outfit and a doll.  Preston found a deal on shoes.  And Hansen saved his money for an archery target.

Last night John and Carol met us at the pool to hang with Hansen and Lillie while I took Preston to Seattle Sounder FC youth academy tryouts.  The age grouping of the academy is a bit of a bummer for Preston as they go calendar year rather than school year.  He was one of the youngest by far in his group.  Most of his friends were trying out for the younger u-16 team.  I was surprised to learn that many of the kids there (like 80) were already graduated from high school.  Looking at them, I wasn't...heck, there were plenty of grown looking men there, many like 30 or 40 lbs heavier than Preston and in great shape.  I guess this team is a good enough draw to postpone college?  I would hope that when Preston is that age, he would play soccer for a college rather than postponing for this team.  There are many ways to get to the top of one's sport for sure.  The younger group has been posted and one of Preston's previous teammates made the academy team, the results for the older team will be posted today.  Regardless of the results, I'm proud of Preston for working hard and trying out.
Getting ready for Seattle Sounder's tryouts.
Warming up with a group of kids also chasing the Seattle Sounder's dream.

Today we have eye appointments for Preston and Lillie.  I had an eye appointment yesterday.  My eyes are actually seeing slightly better!  We also get to pick Maren up today.  Maybe even some archery this evening.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

You are such a busy family - I get exhausted just hearing all of the things you all do. But you are one happy group - thanks to the great parents your kids have...........

Operion M'Sia said...

A lot of event you and your family join...
Happy families and days =]

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