Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

While I have been staying busy, I realize that I have not snapped very many pictures of late.  And it is not like I don't have chances, I just have not thought of it at the moment.  Like yesterday, I totally loaded up the pick-up truck for a run to the dump.  It even had the old garage door openers hanging out the back complete with little flag on the who wouldn't want to see a picture of that?  I know, right.  Then I realized that a lot of the pictures I see are not even ones I take.  Social media has plenty of photos to look at, but I must admit, I don't get to all the outlets.  And ever since Google closed its reader program, I'm not as good at keeping up with other's blogs either.    No more excuses, on to today's blog.
I saw this picture on George Takei's FB page.  Yes, George Takei is like a social media genius.  Do you know this song?
One cool thing about my phone is you can snap a picture of anything on your screen.  It's called a screen shot.  This is what out of shape looks like through the lens of a Nike running app I have on my phone.  It won't take me long to get back into shape if I keep with it, but for today...22 minutes to run/walk 1.70 miles?  Groan.
This pic comes from Hansen's Instagram page.  I figure if he puts it on Instagram, I can put it on the blog.  This is a cute picture of Hansen and his girlfriend Olivia.  Today is Olivia's birthday so it is off to the movies for them this afternoon.
A box mailed from Maren to Maren arrived in the mail the other day.  Inside the box was tons of books and such that Maren picked up from ALA Chicago.  I really don't know the back story on Star Wars Jedi Academy, but I sure think these bookmarks are fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Hansen has Instagram? I just downloaded a running app and my first outing was about 1.7 miles in about 25 minutes soooooo.... yeah. I'm right there with you!