Monday, July 22, 2013


Good evening, it is Monday.

Today Lillie and I were just hanging out trying to decide if we should do anything this evening.  Hansen was glued to the x-box, Preston out playing soccer with friends, and Maren was home from work and reading on the couch.  I suggested going for a bike ride, fully expecting to go to the pool.  But Lillie asked me to teach her how to ride a unicycle!  Luckily I do have two unicycles.  A 24 in. one that is set up for me, and a 20 in. one set up for Preston from 5 years ago.  I got them down from the rafters, pumped up the tires, and we were off.
For Lillie's first time ever even trying to sit on an unicycle, I though this was a very good start for her first day.
I was kind of shaky at first.
But I quickly got the hang of it.
Just like riding a bike...with one wheel!  Who knows if Lillie will follow through and take the time required to learn the unicycle.  I think it would probably take a good week of trying and trying.  I learned on an old thriftshop unicycle with a solid tire and horrible seat when I was probably about her age.  Once I proved I could ride around a figure eight track that my dad and I decided on, he bought me a real unicycle.  I rode it all over the place for a couple of years.  I could even ride an 8 foot unicycle that a friend down the block owned.  It was very fun to break out the unicycles and ride today.  Good luck Lillie!

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

You look great riding that unicyle - glad you're having fun!