Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tones Of Fun!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a fun day for all.  Well, I am assuming a bit here.  Maybe not all, but for a few, the few that I was lucky enough to hang out with.  Timing of the day also worked out perfectly.  Olivia and Lauren's mom picked up Hansen (for a movie) and dropped of Lauren around lunch time.  I took Lillie and Lauren to the pool to meet up with John, Carol, Mel, Jack and Avery.  Carol brought pizza and juice and within the first hour, the sun burned off the clouds and the day became sunny.  Yay!
After the pool and pizza, the kids were all huddled on their towels in the back of the KSTC.  Lillie was shivering so I recommended bringing the towels to the tennis courts.  The courts were probably 10 to 15 degrees warmer.  Lillie and Lauren said they could have easily just fallen asleep on their towels with how warm and comfy the tennis courts were.  Jack on the other hand, stepped one foot on the tennis court, then practically shouted, "hey, I need a tennis ball!"  In this picture Lillie and Lauren kind of hit the ball back and forth.  Every time one of them missed it, Avery chased out to grab the loose ball.  Jack is on the side throwing his ball in the air and trying just to hit it.  After the pool, and after Hansen and Olivia's movie, we met up with the gang at Baskin Robins.
Olivia's parents offered to treat all of us to ice-cream for Olivia's birthday.  Yay!  You should have seen Hansen and Lillie's look of amazement when they realized they could actually order two scoops!  Good ice-cream, good company, good day.

On the Preston front, I'm assuming he is having a great time on the Mission Trip.  I'm still a bit anxious about the fact that the kids were not allowed to bring their cellphones.  We do get one super short e-mail update every night from the youth group leader, but really, it gives us zero idea of how it is really going.  This is last night's update:

Everyone says "hi, we are having tones of fun, the van rocks!"  Your teens are great.

That is it.  Tones of fun?  The van rocks?  Well, there is some back story to the van and I can only assume that some parents are freaking out about the whole group being stuffed in it.  Not one bite my tongue, I have been surprisingly OK with it.  And knowing the kids that are on the trip, they are having a great time!  Tomorrow the group is scheduled to be home, just in time for a soccer tournament.

See you tomorrow.  

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