Friday, July 19, 2013

The Beatles in Covington!

Good evening, it is Friday.

Maren and I just got back from a fun little concert in the Real Life Church park in Covington.  No, it wasn't the real Beatles, it was a cover band called British Export.  They were good.  Tonight in Seattle Sir Paul McCartney is actually playing.  The British Export guys did joke that us concert goers were either not able to get tickets to Sir Paul, or...just big British Export fans!  I'm now a British Export fan.  The concert was very low key and lasted for an hour and a half.  A perfect concert for me.
Our view from where we sat in the grass.  I did get a closer look, these guys even look like the Beatles.
Most folks, including Maren and I, just sat in the grass on blankets or in fold up chairs while swaying a little or singing a little.  This couple near us got up and danced to one song.  They kind of reminded me of my parents.  I know my mom would have enjoyed this concert.
While Maren and I were out concerting, Preston was at home with some friends.  Yup, a FIFA soccer tournament on the x-box.  I am starting to regret what may be just around the corner.  Both X-box and Play Station are just coming out with new game systems.  And these are not $500.00.  Hoping the old x-box is good enough for a bit longer.  Yes, Hansen is now at the controls of the X-box playing Live with his friends.
I took Lillie and her friend Emma to Wild Waves yesterday.  I was just floored that the girls just went straight to the biggest rides!  Crazy.  And nope, I didn't ride with them, someone has to watch the stuff right?
They went on this ride twice.
They got off this ride in a full sprint to get back in line again.  Three times on this ride.
Out to the van for lunch then to the water park side of things.  And yes, they went to the biggest water slides too.  I guess they really are the perfect age for this park.  Next week will go again.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

What a cool concert! Yes, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it!

Rodrico Compas said...

Looks more professional and exceptional.... :)

Kind Regards
Rodrico Compas