Friday, July 12, 2013

Sock Monkey Snow Globe.

Good morning, it is Friday.

As you know, yesterday was 7/11/13.  Yup, 7-11.  As in FREE SLURPEE DAY!  Preston will have been sad to miss free Slurpee day as he is in Canada (maybe he had a free Slurpee?) but Lillie was happy to go.  I told the kids we were off on a field trip but I wouldn't say where.  Hansen said, "we are not going to Northwest Trek are we?"  Nope.  Then he figured it out...Slurpee day!  And then, he chose to stay home saying the free Slurpees were too small to even go.  Ba humbug.  Lillie was happy to go, so her and I ventured out to the crowed world which was 7-11 for this:
Not too small!  I think this is probably the 10th year we have gotten free slurpees on 7-11.
Check out these snickerdoodles.  Lillie made them last night.  Lillie is becoming quite a confident little human.  She can honestly do anything she decides to do.  She even beat me in a ultra competitive game of Giant Jenga yesterday much to Maren's surprise.  So we Slane's don't like to loose.  It's all good.
This morning Lillie had a dentist appointment at like 8:00 am.  Once home Lillie and I went on a garage sale bicycle ride.  Her bike has like 21 gears..."crazy and confusing" is how Lillie explains bicycle gears.  I may adjust her bike so the gears just stay put, in one gear.  But look what we found at the garage sale!  Four cute snow globes and the whole Little House book set.  Best $2.00 spent ever!

See you tomorrow.

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