Thursday, July 25, 2013


Good evening, it is Thursday.

Today I went golfing for the first time in a few weeks.  Played OK.  Afterwards I changed up some of my golf clubs (different driver, put the 3-iron back in the bag) and am waiting to golf again.  Afterward I was just relaxing.  Relaxing on an 80 degree days is good.  Napping in the backyard is good too.  Kind of napping.  How much napping can you do when you're watching the bunny bounce around and the neighbor kid is trying to spray you with the hose?  At least I had a great view:
Yup, blue sky and leaves.  Yesterday I had a different view.  I spent the whole day at Wild Waves with Hansen, Olivia, Lillie and Lauren.  I watched them ride rides for a while, then I found a spot in the shade near the corner of the wave pool and read a book.  Maren would be very jealous...I read like a whole book!  Luckily I had a book, you should see some of the weirdos at Wild Waves.  Can I say that?  Haha...that is probably what they all think of some 40 something hanging out reading a book:)
From the left:  Lauren, Lillie, Olivia, and Hansen.  The park wasn't too crowded when we showed up.
The kids are on the last car.  Later in the day Lillie and Lauren rode the Timber Hawk like 10 times.  They even waited in line perfectly so they could be in the very first car.  Cool.  I did enjoy the classic rock being piped throughout the park.
I think this is how the kids relax.  Or video games.

See you tomorrow.

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